LD Certification




The following will help you to understand the procedure for obtaining LD Certification. Please read the instructions completely.

At least one parent or, a guardian who knows the child well, should accompany the student.

1)      How to get an appointment for a student’s assessment in PND Centre?

·         On Wednesday or Saturday, meet doctors in the pediatrics Clinic No.7,1st Floor New OPD building under Dr. Mona Gajre Unit , Professor of pediatrics & In-Charge of  Pediatric Neurodevelopment Centre between 9.00 and 11.30 am. The OPD building is the first building onto your right as you enter from the main gate No.7 (which is opposite Little Angels School and adjacent to the ST bus depot.)

·         Before your meeting, you need to have detailed referral note from the school along with other information if the school is private funded or government aided institution. The OPD paper will have to be issued from counter 2 at the ground floor.

·         The paper should have a referral letter (on school letter head) from the Principal of the School- describing the reason for referral. The letter should describe the academic difficulties observed in the child about hers/his reading, writing, problems with spellings, performing mathematical calculations and the behavior of the child in the classroom (normal, hyperactive, inattentive, withdrawn).This information is very important and helpful in diagnosing the cause of the child’s poor school performance.

·         The parents should bring along – notebooks of any one subjects and also of mathematics. This is essential to see the child’s handwriting and school work. Please also get along with you – photocopies of the last two year report cards. This will help us get an idea of the child’s scholastic performance.


·         After being assessed by Dr. Mona Gajre in the pediatric clinic the child will be given an appointment for assessment in the PND Centre. If the Doctor feels the need then the child maybe preliminary screened for his/hers intellectual capacity in OPD 21, Psychiatry OPD, New OPD Bldg., 2nd Floor on follow up of the report will be referred to the PND Centre for taking an appointment for child’s further assessment. Please do not seek appointment directly from the PND Centre without the student having been evaluated first in OPD 7. The PND Centre Clinic is in the college building, first floor next to the lift, LTMGH, Sion, Mumbai


2)      What are the assessments done in the PND Centre? 2


The child has to be brought at least three times to the PND Centre for various assessments as per appointments given. These cannot be combined into a single session as this gets very taxing for the child. The dates of appointments for these testing are given by the Secretary in the PND Centre and the entire procedure to be followed will be clearly explained by her to each parent.

·         The first appointment is given for child’s detailed clinical and neurological examination.

(This takes about 30 – 45 minutes to be completed)

·         The second appointment for testing the child’s cognitive capacity. (Which takes about 60 – 90 minutes to be completed)

·         The third appointment is for the educational testing of the child. (Which takes about 120 to 180 minutes to be completed)

       In general the accompanying parent would have to take a half day / full day off from work / other family responsibilities for each of the three appointments.

None of these examinations are painful or inconvenient to the child. The child needs to be starving for any of these ‘tests’.

3)      What other tests are required to be done before certification?


·         Vision testing to be done by an Ophthalmologist (Eye specialist)

·         Hearing testing (Audiometry) to be done from an ENT Specialist

These two tests can be done at Sion Hospital or any public hospital near the child’s residence. They can also be done from a private Ophthalmologist or ENT Specialist – if so desired by parent. Both the vision and hearing testing reports should be recent (done in the past 6 months) to be considered valid.

Any questions you may have about these will be answered at the PND Centre.

·         A screening test for ADHD will be performed at the Clinic.

·         Associated psychiatric problems will be screened at the Psychiatry OPD 21, 2nd floor, New OPD Building.

·         If the child’s needs an Occupational Therapy evaluation the child will be referred to the OT therapy department. OPD 23, MOT  Bldg.,5th Floor.

4)      How long does it take for the entire assessment procedure to be completed?

Generally it takes about eight to twelve weeks, beginning from the time of the first assessment done in the PND Centre (namely, the child’s detailed clinical neurological examination). The certificate will be issued to the parent(s) after a meeting with the Counselor in the PND Centre who will explain the child’s diagnosis and how to help the child achieve his / her maximum potential.

Contact Information

The secretary can be contacted for any enquiry from 11 am to 2 pm (Monday to Saturday excluding public holidays) at telephone number 022 – 24043989/24076381 ext -3697

Or email us at learningdisabilityclinicsion@gmail.com

We welcome feedback on your experience at the PND Centre. This will help us make the clinic more student and parent friendly.



1.    Please come on time for appointment (especially for psychological and Psycho educational tests). If Late By More Than 20 Mins then appointments will be cancelled.

2.    If the child has exams, take another appointment rather than stressing the child.

3.    Make sure the child is not tired and has had sufficient sleep on the day of the testing for more accurate results.

4.    Please carry the glasses / spectacles along if it has been prescribed.

5.    If Medications for inattention and hyperactivity have been prescribed, continue the medication as per doctor’s advice and follow up with the doctor regarding the effectiveness of the medications.

6.    Carry along pencils /pens and eraser for the testing.

7.    Carry a small Tiffin box / napkin during testing.