Special Activities

Special Activities

Few of the special Activities conducted in the year 2021

  1. Covid sensitization program for Anganwadi workers from ICDS

With the ongoing Pandemic and the need for strengthening the knowledge in the community on practicing Covid appropriate behavior and its management in children under Home isolation, Department of Pediatrics in collaboration with NRRTC organized a Covid Sensitization Program for Anganwadi workers from ICDS and Community officers from various NGO’s. The aim of this webinar was to impart knowledge to the frontline workers who work within the community which would aid in better knowledge dissemination amongst the people in the community.

  1. Pediatric COVID- Sensitization and Approach on 6th July, 2021

  1. Low Birth Weight, Malnutrition and COVID-19 training for ICDS, Bhiwandi on 11th, 12th and 13th August, 2021

  1. Training on SAM management
  1. The Nutrition Rehabilitation and Research Training centre organized a training on SAM management for under graduate medical students OF K. J. Somaiya Hospital and LTMGH on 25th August, 2021 and 10th September 2021.

B.Training on Identification and Management of SAM (online and offline) for Aaganwadi workers, Supervisors and CDPO from ICDS Dharavi, Govandi and Mankurd on 27th October, 28th October, 17th November and 23rd November, 2021.

World AIDS day celebration

The Department of Pediatrics Along with Pediatrics Centre of excellence for HIV care (PCoE) had celebrated WORLD AIDS DAY on 1st December 2021. The theme was “End Inequalities, End AIDS”. On this day the candles were lit by all the PCoE staff and the occasion was graced by Dr. Radha Ghildiyal, Professor and HOD, Department of Pediatrics along with Dr Yashwant Gabhale, Program Director of PCoE, Additional Professor, Department of Pediatrics, and LTMMC & GH.

On this day the parents and the children of the center were also participated on the awareness of the program. Dr. Pallavi Chonkar (Telemedicine Consultant) addressed the group of parents regarding feeding practices in younger children. On this occasion a half day CME was organized on 3rd December 2021, along with MDACS and I-Tech support by providing online platform. In this CME 20 MDACS ART centers & 40 MSACS ART Centers had participated. 


From left to right Dr Yashwant Gabhale, Dr Radha Ghildiyal and Dr Pallvi Chonkar in CME .

DAFPAL CME 2021 Pearls of Neurology: for Practicing Pediatricians”

Dr Athavale Foundation and Pediatric Alumni, LTMGH organizes a CME every year on a topic relevant to the primary care pediatricians. This year’s theme was “Pearls of Neurology: for Practicing Pediatricians” on an online platform. The CME was conducted on 12th December 2021, on an online platform and was attended by 223 delegates all over Maharashtra.

 Various topics covered included the approach to febrile encephalopathy, pediatric stroke, pediatric demyelinating disorders, approach to seizures in children and genetics in neurology. The oration of CME was given by Dr Alka Jadhav, Professor of Pediatrics at LTMGH on her excellent Journey in developing Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition division in the Department of Pediatrics, LTMGH. The CME helped us to spread the knowledge in an effective manner, with an excellent learning experience for all the participants.

Dr Radha Ghildiyal,Prof and Head , Department of Pediatrics and Organising Chairperson, DAFPAL CME addressing the audience .

Oration awarded to Dr Alka Jadhav by the DAFPAL committee members ( From left to right Dr Yashwant Gabhale,Dr Radha Ghildiyal, Dr Alka Jadhav, Dr Prashant Moralwar, Dr Mona Gajre )

Panel discussion ( From top left Dr Aditi Dharap,Moderator, Dr Mona Gajre, Dr Arpita Adhikari, Dr Neeta Naik and Dr Shekhar Patil, panelists )

  1. Home monitoring OPD and post Covid follow up OPD –

After acute Covid 19 illness, recovered children may continue to report a wide variety of signs and symptoms including MIS-C (Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children), febrile inflammatory syndrome, complaints of respiratory difficulty, fatigue, tiredness, confusion, and other chronic health problems.

In order to improve the quality of life of these children who have recovered from Covid, we strongly felt that care should not stop at hospital level, but a long-term monitoring facility should be created which will tremendously benefit these children and their families. These facilities will also help us to counsel the family and allay their anxiety which will provide comprehensive and holistic care to these children and their families.

Hence we started a post Covid follow up OPD. The following patients are monitored in this OPD

 1) Mildly symptomatic children who are in Home isolation.

2) Covid patients discharged after 10 days from the hospital facility.

3) All patients of MIS-C after discharge.

In the OPD, following is carried out:

  • Training for home monitoring of the child
  • Dos and Don’ts of post Covid care
  • Red flag signs for early detection of potential complications
  • Monitoring charts of normal temperature and respiratory rate as per age will be explained to the parents.

All children are given a ‘Covid home kit’ which consists of

  1. 1 Digital thermometer
  2. 1 bottle of sanitizer,
  3. N95 masks- 4 in number
  4. 3 ply masks- 10 in number
  5. 1 pack of tissues
  6. Plastic folders containing the discharge card and home monitoring chart.
  7. A pulse oximeter will be given on loan basis for monitoring and the patient will have to return on the defined day.

We have seen 15 patients till now and have monitored them on a daily basis and have treated them successfully providing holistic care.

  1. Paediatric Covid Workshops under the aegis of the MCGM Paediatric COVID task force


The Department of Pediatrics, under the aegis of the MCGM Pediatric COVID task force, has conducted 4 training workshops on Pediatric COVID with the following objectives:

  1. Sensitization about increase in Pediatric COVID cases during the probable 3rd wave
  2. Approach to Pediatric COVID
  3. Home isolation and home monitoring of Pediatric COVID cases and post COVID care
  4. Identification of Red Flag signs & early referral of Pediatric COVID patients.
  5. Holistic management of Pediatric COVID, including nutrition, mental health and immunization.

The details of these workshops are as follows:

Sr. No


In collabo-ration with

Target audience

No of participants



Medium of instruction


From Epidemiology to Management of COVID in children

Dept. of Community Medicine

MOs of peripheral hospitals, health posts, maternity homes


2nd June 2021

Online via Zoom



Pediatric COVID in a nutshell


General Medical Practitioners from Mahim Dharavi and Govandi 

Approx 175

11th June 2021

Main Auditorium



Pediatric COVID – Sensitization and Approach

NGOs in Mumbai and Palghar

Staff of NGOs ion Mumbai and Palghar, including Community workers and Supervisors


6th July 2021

Online via Zoom with Live YouTube link

Marathi and Hindi


Pediatric COVID in a nutshell – Sensitization and Approach


HCWs and staff of 93 ART centers across Maharashtra


9th July 2021

Online via Zoom with Live YouTube link


All these programs received the able guidance of our respected Dean Dr. Mohan Joshi, who is the Chairman of the MCGM Paediatric COVID Task Force and our Head of Department of Pediatrics, Dr Radha Ghildhiyal.

Dean Dr Mohan Joshi inaugurating the Pediatric Covid workshop , with Head of Department of Pediatrics, Dr Radha Ghildiyal and Professor Dr Alka Jadhav

Team from the Department of paediatrics addressing the audience.

In the centre, Head Dr Radha Ghildiyal , on the right Dr Yashwant gabhale , Dr Arpita Adhikari , Dr Sujata Sharma , Dr Aditi Kolte , on the Left Dr Alka Jadhav, Dr Pawan Kalamdani, Dr Prachi Karnik


  1. Workshops for Severe Acute Malnutrition conducted by Nutritional Rehabilitation and Research Training Centre , UHC Dharavi, Department of Paediatrics






Management of SAM

6th and 7th April, 2021

Save the Children

Save the children staff

Infant and Young child nutrition

7th and 8th April, 2021

SNEHA, ICDS (Ulhasnagar)

ASHA workers from ICDS Ulhasnagar.

Complementary feeding

22nd April, 2021

SNEHA , ICDS (Bhiwandi)

ASHAs & Health committee members of Bhiwandi Municipal Corporation

IYCN, Management of SAM

29th June, 2021


ICDS workers- Vikramgad

Pediatric COVID- Sensitisation

6th July, 2021


280 NGO staff

Management of SAM

6th to 9th July, 2021

Save the children

2 Save the children Cos and 5 Angawadi worker


February 2020

1.    Doodle workshop by Learning Disability Clinic, Pediatric Neurodevelopmental centre.

“Doodle your way” was a workshop conducted by the Doodle man Mr Rohan and his team with Ananta, a non-profit organization for children with Learning Disabilities on 27th February 2020. The purpose of this workshop was to help children build a creative avenue to release their stress. All the kids were encouraged to think out of the box and have an independent thought process

Team of Pediatric Neurodevelopment Centre with the doodle workshop team

2.    PG clinic webcast

Live webcast of Post graduate clinics was held on 20th February from LTMMC, Mumbai under IAP Action Plan 2020-dIAP (Digital IAP). It is an initiative of IAP in collaboration with Department of Pediatrics, LTMMC and LTMGH to facilitate e-learning in all spheres of Pediatrics. This helps the postgraduate students to enhance their ways of clinical examination, rational approach to various disorders and keep abreast with the recent advances.


3.    International Childhood Cancer Day


The Division of Hematology and Oncology, Department of Pediatrics celebrated the International Childhood Cancer Day in association with Cuddles Foundation on 14th February, 2020.  A special magic show was also arranged for the entertainment of the children. 

Parents and children enjoying the magic show

January 2020

1.    Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of Department of Pediatrics

Department of Pediatrics, Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College and General Hospital in association with DAFPAL celebrated its Diamond Jubilee at Fariyas Lonavala on 1st and 2nd February 2020. Dr Radha Ghildiyal, Professor and Head, Department of Pediatrics recaptured these 60 years, right from the first seed sown, to the strengthening of the roots, to the branching out, to the bursting of leaves, to the bearing of flowers and fruits. Dr Prashant Moralwar , President , DAFPAL gave an over view of the accolades achieved by the esteemed faculty of this Department .

The function was attended by all the senior Paediatricians associated with the Department i.e Dr Kandoth, Dr Meenakshi Mehta, Dr Armida Fernandes, Dr M R Lokeshwar, Dr Madhuri Kulkarni, Dr Mamta Manglani, Dr Jayshree Mondkar .Many Pediatricians who have passed out and also the ones currently associated with the Department were present. All of them witnessed the blooming of this 60 year old Departmental tree at different points in time.

 Dr Madhuri Kulkarni, Dr Meenakshi Mehta, Dr Armida Fernandes, Dr M R Lokeshwar, Dr Kandoth, Dr Mamta Manglani and Dr Radha Ghildiyal from left to right

Dr Radha Ghildiyal addressing the audience

1.    Nutrition Rehabilitation Research and Training Centre (NRRTC)


A)   Visit to NRRTC facility by Mrs Annabel Mehta, (President, Apnalaya NGO)

Apnalaya is a NGO focusing issues of health care, gender, education and livelihoods using an integrated community development approach.NRRTC has an association with Apnalaya to conduct community management of malnutrition. Mrs Annabel Mehta and Dr Ninad Salunkhe (Chief Operating Officer, Apnalaya) visited the NRRTC OPD, Ward and the indigenous Medical Nutrition Therapy Production Unit on 4th February 2020.

(1st photo- Mrs Annabel Mehta, Dr Ninad Salunkhe, Dr Alka Jadhav along with the team of NRRTC, 2nd  photo-  (Left to right) Dr Prachi Karnik, Dr Alka Jadhav, Mrs Mehta, Dr Salunkhe.)

A)   Annual Severe Acute Malnutrition Graduation Party

NRRTC with ever year felicitates our little ones who have recovered from Severe Acute Malnutrition and Severe Thinnes. This party was held on 23rd January 2020 which was graced by the presence of Dr Alka Jadhav (Professor and In-charge NRRTC), Mrs Nair (General Manager, Hexagon Nutrition Pvt Ltd)


(1st and 2nd Photo- Dr Alka Jadhav and Mrs Nair lighting the lamp and felicitating our little champions, 3rd Photo- Staff and Children enjoying the party)

A)   Invited as a Speaker for Virtual Classroom for students in MCGM Schools.

NRRTC staff, Ms Lavina Fernandes and Ms Ruhi Qureishi represented NRRTC by giving a lecture on Nutrition in School going Children as a part of Virtual Classroom for MCGM Schools on 25th January 2020.

(In set- Ms Ruhi Qureishi and Ms Lavina Fernandes providing the lecture for the virtual classroom)

D)Training for SNEHA NGO on Nutritional intervention in Stunting.

NRRTC staff in association with SNEHA NGO performed a 2- Day Training Workshop on Stunting Intervention for SNEHA NGO’s Community Officers on 8th and 9th of January 2020.


(NRRTC staff addressing the crowd on Nutrition during Pregnancy and Lactation)



December 2019

Kindly put the following activities in the special activities section :

1.    Nutrition Rehabilitation Research and Training Centre (NRRTC)

A) Ms Lavina Fernandes (Dietitian cum Production Incharge) represented NRRTC unit by presenting a poster on special Soy Based Ready to Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) formulation which won the 1st prize under the IDA President’s Award- Experimental Nutrition at IDACON 2019 at Ahmadabad.

(In set: Ms Lavina Fernandes being awarded the first prize by the President of Indian Dietetic Association and the members of the National Committee.)

B) Case Study Presentation at IDACON 2019, Ahmedabad

Ms Divya Ananthasubramanian (Dietitian, NRRTC) represented the unit by presenting a case report on “Nutritional Management of Glucose- Galactose Malabsorption in a 9 month old infant”. The case report was one of the few case reports to be selected for an oral presentation all over India.

 (In set: Ms Divya Ananthasubramanian presenting the case report)

C) Nutritious Recipes Cooking Demonstration for SAM children’s Family Members.

A cooking demonstration on nutritious recipes for SAM children was organized by NRRTC unit on 13th December 2019. This demonstration was attended by parents of SAM and MAM children. 

(Dietitians addressing the audience on the importance of eating right, and on the nutritional composition of the recipes) (In set: Demonstration of Healthy and Nutritious Ragi Dosa)

D) Visit to the NRRTC unit by MAVIM Team

Mahila Arthik Vikas Mahamandal (MAVIM) is a nodal agency for women empowerment declared by Govt. of Maharashtra in 2003. They visited the NRRTC unit in order to implement a medium capacity production plant in various districts of Maharashtra on pilot basis.

(MAVIM team interacting with patients and their care givers)

E)  Session on “Identifying Children with Severe Acute Malnutrition” for nursing students in September, 2019.

Nursing students of LTMGH are routinely sent to NRRTC unit for trainings. One such training session was held for them at NRRTC wherein they were taught to identify Severe Acute Malnutrition in children.

(In set: Mrs Sonia Ramesh (Staff Nurse, NRRTC), demonstrates steps to interpret anthropometry of children)

F) Visit to the NRRTC production unit by Hon’ Additional Municipal Commissioner (Mrs) Dr Ashwini Joshi, Hon’ Additional Municipal Commissioner (Western Suburbs) (Mrs) Dr Ashwini Joshi visited the NRRTC OPD as well as the production unit in August 2019.

(In set: (left to right) Dr Ashwini Joshi (Hon’ AMC Western Suburbs), Dr Pramod Ingale (HOD, Dept. of Biochemistry), Dr Mohan Joshi (Dean, LTMMC and LTMGH), Dr Alka Jadhav (Professor [Pediatrics] and In-Charge, NRRTC, LTMGH.

G)  Setting up Nutrition Research Centre’s in Mumbai

A meeting was held by NRRTC unit inviting Paediatricians and Nutritionists from MCGM Hospitals and Peripheral Centres in order to promote setting up Nutrition Rehabilitation Centres in their respective Medical Colleges and Health Posts in April 2019.

(In set: Dr Alka Jadhav (Professor, Paediatrics and NRRTC Incharge), addressing the paediatricians and nutritionists from MCGM hospitals.)

H) Training session on Facility Based Management of SAM for undergraduates Medical Students.

A one day training session was organised by NRRTC staff for the undergraduate medical students for TRINITY Medical conference in March 2019.


(In set:  Dr Alka Jadhav, conducting the training.)


Guest Lecture

1.     A guest lecture on “Allergy and Immunotherapy” was conducted by Dr Manisha Juvekar, Consultant Pediatrician with keen interest in Pulmonary medicine on 20th December, 2019, 2pm, Pediatric Seminar hall.


2.    A guest lecture on “Pediatric Snoring and Sleep disorders” was conducted by Dr Pranshu Advadkar, Sleep medicine Specialist at Sleep sciences Centre, Chicago, Illinois on 17th  December, 2019, 2pm, Pediatric Seminar hall.

November 2019

1.    Teenage Day & Daughters’ Day

The Teenage day & Daughters’ day was celebrated by the Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Mumbai Branch in association with the Department of Pediatrics, Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College & Hospital, Sion. A variety of activities were held from 14th October to 18th October 2019to create awareness on different issues related to Teenagers & Daughters.

The theme for this year was as follows:

1.    Teenage Day - “Reach out, be Friend’s with Teens for a better Tomorrow’’

2.    Daughter’s Day-“Beti bachao, Healthy banao”

The activities were supported by Dr. Radha Ghildiyal, Prof & HOD of Pediatrics & Dr. Yashwant Gabhale Associate Prof of Pediatrics, who was also the convenor of these activities. The activity finally concluded with the Felicitation function, held in the Auditorium at LTMG hospital on 27th November, 2019 between 1pm to 4pm. The Chief Guest for the programme were Mr. Jaywant Bhalekar (Film, Television & Stage Actor) and Ms. Shraddha Hande (Film, Television & Stage Actress). The Guest of Honour was Mr. Rahul Bhandare (Producer - Advait Theatres).    Other dignitaries also present were Dr Radha Ghildiyal (Professor & HOD Dept. of Pediatric, LTMMC, Sion), Dr. Bela Verma (President IAP Mumbai), Dr Amin Kaba (Hon Secretary Mumbai IAP), along with Dr Yashwant Gabhale Additional Prof of Pediatrics (Hon. Treasurer Mumbai IAP). The programme was followed with performance by the winners of the various competitions

Dignitaries on dais: L-R Dr.Yashwant Gabhale, Dr.Radha Ghildiyal, Mr. Jaywant Bhalekar, Ms. Shraddha Hande, Mr. Rahul Bhandare, Dr Bela Verma, Dr. Amin Kaba

Felicitation of Dr Radha Ghildiyal, Professor and Head, Department of Pediatrics

 Felicitation of Ms. Shraddha Hande (Chief Guest)

3.    National Epilepsy Awareness Month

On occasion of National Epilepsy Awareness month which is celebrated in November, the Division Of Neurology, Epilepsy and Developmental Pediatrics conducted a symposium on “Management of Status Epilepticus” on 28th November, 1-4 pm in Pediatric Seminar hall, LTMMC and LTMGH. This is an annual event which creates awareness about the causes, symptoms and management of epilepsy. The experts in field of epilepsy i.e the Pediatric Neurologist and the Pediatric Intensivist discussed the protocols of the hospital with all the recent advances. It was attended by fellows in Pediatric Neurology, Intensive care fellows and Pediatric residents. The above activity created awareness about the promptness of dealing with status epilepticus and hence the optimum care of these children with epilepsy.

October 2019

1.      Teenage and Daughter’s Day  Celebration

The Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Mumbai Branch & LTMGH Sion had celebrated Teenage Day & Daughter’s Day from 14 October 2019 to 17 October 2019 under the able guidance of Dr Yashwant Gabhale, Additional Professor. The theme for 2019 was “Reach out, be friend with teens for a better tommorow’’ for Teenage Day and “Beti Bachao, Healthy Banao”  for Daughters Day. Many medical and nursing students from various colleges participated in the activity.


Judges judging the poster

Poster made by a student on Beti bachao Healthy Banao

Street play competition

September  2019

1.      Magic Show for Cancer, Thalassemia and AIDS patient


LIONS CLUB OF KINGS CIRCLE LIONESS in association with Department of Pediatrics, LTMGH and LTMMC conducted a magic show for cancer , thalassemia and AIDS patients on 4th October, Main Auditorium, College Building, LTMMC and LTMGH .


2.      Guest Lecture on “Inferential Statistics and Sampling Methods” was conducted by Dr Maninder Setia, Epidemiologist and Consultant Dermatologist o 17th September, pediatric Seminar Hall, LTMGH.


3.      Dr Athavale Foundation and Pediatric Alumni , LTMGH and MCGM , Comprehensive Thalassemia centre in association with Mumbai IAP conducted a CME ON 29TH September 2019 at Westin Mumbai garden City, Goregaon –]


Faculties of the Department of Pediatrics were members of the Executive Committee of DAFPAL. The topic of the CME was “Insights into Pediatric Hematology – Oncology”. It was well attended by pediatricians, pediatric hematologist, post -graduate students. All the topics of the CME helped the audience learn about the basic and advances of various childhood hematological disorders .

Dr Armida fernandes, Dr Radha Ghildiyal, Dr Mamta Manglani, Dr Prashant Moralwar from left to right


1.      Juvenile Diabetes Educational Programme


A educational Programme for Juvenile Diabetes was conducted by Department of Pediatrics, LTMMC and LTMGH  in association with Sunday Friends on 28th September 2019 .This programme was organized by Dr Savita Khadse, Assistant Professor , department of pediatrics under the able guidance of Dr Radha Ghildiyal, Professor and Head, Dpartment of Pediatrics The speakers were internationally reputed doctors and diabetic educators .It was for the parents who had kids with juvenile diabetes and various topics discussed included ambulatory management of the disorder and counseling skills .

Dr Radha Ghildiyal addressing the parents



1.      Dr Prachi Karnik, Assistant Professor in Department of Pediatrics was awarded the BEST FELLOW AWARD, 2019  by Indian Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition .



2.      Rose Day celebration for children with cancer


Department of Pediatrics, Division of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology in association with Cancer patient Aids association conducted a Rose day Celebration on 24th September, 2019 in the Auditorium, LTMGH

Faculty with the members from CPA and kids



1.      Study Skills session and parental Counseling session by Learning disability Clinic

Pediatric neurodevelopment Centre, Learning Disability clinic conducted a study skills session and parental counseling session for children with Learning Disability since 26th September, 2019. The study skills session is conducted every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month for children with learning disability/ ADHD. The team members address the importance and application of basic study skills for effective learning. Alongside, they provide brain gym training for improving attention and relaxation techniques to deal with academic stress.

Study skill session


In the parental counseling session ,  parents are counseled about Learning Disabilities (LD), intervention strategies and management of LD and the concessions provided by the education boards for the same.

Parental Counselling session

August  2019 - Special activities

1.      Heartfulness Meditation Programme - conducted by Heartfulness organization for the faculty and senior residents of the Department of pediatrics on 28, 29,30 th August, 2019, from3-4 pm in the pediatric Seminar Hall, LTMMC and LTMGH.

2.      Kolhapur flood relief camp - A Team from Sion Pediatrics Department consisting of Dr Manish Tiwari, Dr Jay, Dr Abhinay , Dr Rakesh Kopte left on 10 th August to provide basic relief to flood hit area of Kolhapur district .The work was carried out under the guidance of health department of MCGM . They visited many talukas like Shirol, Shirdon, Malbag, etc and gave a healing touch to the local sufferings there.  

Team of Residents for Kolhapur flood relief

Residents evalauting the children in the flood prone areas

Activities done to keep the flood prone areas clean 

July 2019 – Special Activities

1.      Guest Lectures conducted

a.       Vaccine Preventable Diseases, Case based surveillance – by Dr Meeta Vashi, Surveillance Medical Officer, WHO ,on 17 th July , 1-4 pm, Pediatric Seminar Hall .

b.      Hemophilia A – Basics and beyond , by Dr Chandrakala , Head of Department , Department of Hematology ,KEM Hospital, on  25th July 2-4 pm, Pediatric Seminar Hall.


2.      Indian Academy of Pediatrics -Undergraduate Quiz – The college round of the UG  IAP quiz was conducted in the Department of Pediatrics on 26th July 2019 .Dr Sanjeevani Masavkar (Associate Professor) was the coordinator .36 students participated .Sameer babu and Maz Syed , III MBBS students won the elimination round .


3.      Indian Academy of Pediatrics - Post graduate Quiz - Intra collegiate round was conducted in the Department of Pediatrics on 12th July. Dr Yashwant Gabhale and Savita Khadse were the quiz coordinators.


4.      World Breastfeeding week – Poster presentation - WBW THEME 2019, Empower Parents, Enable Breastfeeding, 18 th July , LTMMC and LTMGH  .Dr Minal Soneji, Dr Mansi Shah, Dr Aditi Dandawate and Dr Snehit , residents in the Department of Pediatrics presented the posters


5.      Orientation programme - The departmental orientation programme for newly joined residents (Batch 2019) was conducted on 8thto 11th& 19th July 2019 at the Pediatric Seminar Hall, 1st floor, College building. Dr Harshada Uchil, Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics under the able guidance of Dr Radha Ghildiyal, Professor and Head, Dept of Pediatrics conducted the orientation programme. Dr Radha Ghildiyal motivated and encouraged the students to have a rich learning experience during their residency. Various topics ie OPD management, IPD treatment of common ailments, procedures were taught by the Senior Medical officers of the department. The esteemed faculty of PICU taught students about the recognition of the sick child, intubation and resuscitation techniques .Stress management talk was taken by Dr Nilesh Sha, Professor and Head , Department of Psychiatry .Communication skills were also imparted to the students .

Students learning emergency triage management by means of interactive work stations:

b.      Work station on Rapid Sequence Intubation: Work station on Cardio pulmonary Resuscitation:

c.  Dr. Nilesh Shah (Dept of Psychiatry) conducting the session on Stress Management:

d.      Dr. Mridul (Dept of Microbiology) conducting a session on Infection Control & Biomedical Waste management:

6.       ORS week was celebrated by IAP Mumbai in the last week of July 2019. 

A jingle and poem competition was held for the UG and PG students from various colleges. The theme was ORS - The Amrut in dehydration. The Jingle and poem competition was held based on the theme. Dr Yashwant R Gabhale was the coordinator for the program. 

Judges and audience during the Jingle competition 

7.      Indian Society of hematology and Blood transfusion quiz (ISHBT) – held on 27 th July 2019 at PD Hinduja Hospital, Zonal round – The zonal round was won by a team of residents from Pediatrics-  Dr Mansi Shah, resident from Medicine -  Dr Aditi Patankar , resident from pathology - Dr Sonal Paul.

June 2019 - Special activities done in the Autism Intervention centre in June 2019

1.      Diet Camp - A dietician screening and camp was held for the children of AIC on 1st June, 2019. A total of 16 children attended the camp. A complete diet check-up was carried out regarding the current dietary habits in children, and a diet chart was given to children as per their nutritional requirements. The camp was well-received by all parents and children are scheduled for a regular follow-up to monitor their diet.

2.      Yoga session on International Yoga day -  On the occasion of international Yoga Day, AIC conducted yoga session for parentson 22/06/2019. 10 parents were present for one hour session, she has taken mudras, breathing exercise pranayama, altered postures for pregnant mother etc. related ‘Asana’ for relaxation of mind, BP, Diabetes, back pain, to control digestive system etc.

3.      Dentist camp in AIC - A dental screening camp was organised by AIC on 1st June 2019 for the kids of AIC. Dr. Laxmi. M from D.Y.Patil inspected, evaluated and documented the dental conditions of 10 patients. She informed the parents about the present dental conditions of the kids and suggested the treatment accordingly. She explained parents about how to maintain the dental hygiene of their kids. The camp was well-received by all parents and children are scheduled for a regular follow-up to monitor their dental condition.

May 2019


1.    Parents Support Group meeting – “Hygiene and Chemotherapy side effects in Pediatric oncology patientsorganized by CANKIDS FOUNDATION on 28/05/2019

2.    Summer Camp -Autism Intervention Centre, UHC Dharavi from 2/05/2019 - 31/05/2019

Autism Intervention Centre (AIC) team conducted an interactive Summer Camp from 2/05/2019 to 31/05 /2019 over working days. The camp included an interactive program covering various areas of Autism-verbal and non verbal preschool activities, transitional preschool activities Functional activities 

Summer Camp -Autism Intervention Centre, UHC Dharavi from 2/05/2019 - 31/05/2019

April  2019


1)      25th Annual Scientific Meet, Staff and Research Society

7 posters, 3 interesting cases and 8 Research presentations were done.

The following are the prizes received:


a)      First prize for Interesting case presentation.

Neonatal diabetes curable with oral medications- Genetic testing a need of hour.

Dr. Savita Khadse, Dr Sanjeevani Masavkar, Dr Priyanka Sahu , Dr Rajesh Shah, Dr Chinmay Chaudhary, Dr Alka Jadhav, Dr Radha Ghildiyal


b)      First Prize in Poster presentation

To study the prevalence of parental ADHD in children newly diagnosed with ADHD In urban India.

Dr Mona Gajre, Dr Abhinav Neela, Dr Arpita Adhikari, Dr Deepali Sangale, Dr Mansi Shah



2)      Lecture on “Critical appraisal of  a Journal article”, Dr. Sandeep Bavdekar, Ex-Professor

and Head, Department of Pediatrics, BYL Nair Hospital and T.N. Medical College on 27th  April 2019, Pediatric Seminar Hall, 2-4 pm


3) ABC’s of Autism – Interactive Parent Training Programme series conducted by Autism intervention centre, UHC, Dharavi


Autism Intervention Centre (AIC) conducted an interactive Parent Training Program Series, over three consecutive Saturdays on 13th April, 20th April, 27th April, 2019, as part of celebrations of the April Autism Awareness Month. The program series were titled ABC’s of Autism, and was an interactive program covering various areas of Autism-Myths and Facts, Role of Intervention and medications, Role of Speech-Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy and Parent’s role in therapy and importance of home program compliance. The highlight of the program was the launch of the Sion Autism Whatsapp Support group for parents, by Dr. Jayashree Mondkar, Dean, LTMMC & GH.

March 2019

Kindly put the following in the special activities section of the website.

1.      Pediatric Emergency workshop, Trinity, March 2019

Division of Pediatric Intensive care, Department of Pediatrics conducted a half day workshop on Pediatric Emergencies during the preconference workshop of Trinity 2019. This workshop was attended by 50 delegates, who were undergraduate students from various medical colleges in Maharashtra. There were didactic lectures followed by hands on skill development of various emergency conditions. The workshop was appreciated by all and it helped in honing the skills of the participants.

Undergraduate students learning intubation on a mannequin under guidance from faculty 

Students performing CPR

2. International Breastfeeding and Lactation Workshop- Level 3

The Department of Pediatrics in association with Department of Neonatology and BPNI, Maharashtra organized the Level 3 IBCLC Training Workshop from 11th March, 2019 to 13th March, 2019. This workshop saw an overwhelming response with over 65 registrations. The faculty for this workshop included esteemed faculty from BPNI, Maharashtra and faculty from Department of Pediatrics. The workshop included detailed discussions on a variety of lactation topics.

Photograph 1: The faculty and the delegates for Level 3 workshop;                                                                            Centre (sitting) – Second from left- Dr. Swati Kulkarni (Department of Neonatology), Dr. Mangala Wani, Dr. Radha Ghildiyal (HOD, Pediatrics), Dr. Niranjan Maydeo (HOD, Obstetrics-Gynaecology) and Dr. Prashant Gangal (Coordinator, BPNI, Maharashtra)

3.      Yoga session of parents of autistic children in AIC, UHC Dharavi

Yoga session was conducted on 23rd March 2019 by Dr. Gayatri Gohil for parents of autistic children. It was a 1 hour session attended by 13 parents Various ‘Asana’ for relaxation of mind and exercises for taking care of hypertension, diabetes and back pain were taught. 

4.      Visit by Students of Dr. BMN College to AIC, UHC, Dharavi

On 13th March, 2019, 16 students pursuing the field of Human Development in Dr. BMN College of Home Science, Matunga with their Assistant Professor, visited the Autism Intervention Centre. They were briefed on the functioning of the centre and the various services offered. They were also explained about the different behavioral manifestations in children with autism, and appropriate intervention strategies. The students were interactive and had various queries which were addressed by the therapists.

Team AIC with students from Dr BMN college 

5.      Dr Yashwant Gabhale


1.      Govind Kendre, Yashwant Gabhale, Sujata Sharma. Unusual Case of recurrent severe anaemia and hypoalbuminemia in an infant. Pediatric Oncall. Jan- March 2019;16(1):17-18.


2.       Panelist in the "Role of NGO`s in Service, Education, & Research in field of Palliative Care on 29th March, 2019 at Tata Memorial Hospital. 


Guest lecture

1.     1. “How to Write a Scientific Paper” by Dr. Sandeep Bavdekar, Professor and Ex-Head of Department of Pediatrics, TN Medical College and BYL Nair Hospital, 24 th January -2019, 2.30 p.m. to 4.00 p.m., Pediatric Seminar Hall. 
2. “How to Conduct a Journal Club” by Dr. Sandeep Bavdekar, Professor and Ex-Head of Department of Pediatrics, TN Medical College and BYL Nair Hospital, 28th February 2019, 2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m., Pediatric Seminar Hall.  

February 2019

1.    Pediatric nutrition workshop, Pedicon-2019

PEDICON-2019 pre-workshop on Pediatric Nutrition was conducted by Department of Pediatrics on 6th February 2019.  The workshop was organized under the guidance of Dr. Radha Ghildiyal, Professor and Head of Pediatric Department and Dr. Alka Jadhav, Professor and In- charge of Pediatric Gastro-enterology and Nutrition Division. 51 participants from all over India consisting of pediatrician and dietician attended this workshop. The program consisted of different types of Pediatric Disease management where Dietary management is of utmost importance. The talks not only included Medical Nutrition Therapy like Diet in Pediatric Oncology but also involved Preventive measures for optimum growth of children like Infant and Young Child Nutrition. Participants were given a kit which included specially created book namely Pediatric Nutrition-A Brief Overview.

                                     Pediatric Nutrition Team

2.    Pediatric GI Endoscopy workshop - PEDICON 2019

The Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Department of Pediatrics, LTMMC, Sion, conducted the Pediatric GI Endoscopy workshop on 6th February. This was probably the first of its kind Live Pediatric Endoscopy Workshop in PEDICON 2019 as well as in Maharashtra A total of four live endoscopy sessions were performed. Interspersed between the live endoscopy were various practical sessions pertaining to GI endoscopy like, GI Radiology (Diagnostic and Interventional), GI Histopathology, Foreign bodies’ removal, and pH studies and manometry. The workshop concluded with Hands on Endoscopy on Simulators, both Upper GI and Colonoscopy for the delegates. Each delegate performed the endoscopy simulation.

                             Pediatric GI endoscopy team

3.    Guest lecture by Ms. Debonnet Serena

The Department of Pediatrics was honoured to organize a Guest lecture by Ms. Debonnet Serena on the 14th of February, 2019. Ms. Debonnet Serena is an esteemed dignitary hailing from Belgium. She is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and the National Coordinator for the BFHI, Belgium. She presented an extremely interesting talk on “Cross border solutions for a variety of breastfeeding cases”. The lecture saw an overwhelming response with faculty from the Department of Pediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Neonatology attending the same.

                    (Left to right) – Dr. Swati Kulkarni (Department of Neonatology), Ms. Gerda (volunteer working with Ms. Serena), Ms. Debonnet Barbara (sister of Ms. Serena), Ms. Debonnet Serena, Dr. Prashant Gangal (Coordinator, BPNI, Maharashtra), Dr. Radha Ghildiyal (Head, Department of Pediatrics) along with the Lactation Consultants and Mother support group counselors.

4.    First Birthday celebration of ACT clinic

On the occasion of International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day ,Department of Pediatrics, Division of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology celebrated the First Anniversary of  the ACT (After completion of treatment) Clinic in collaboration with Indian Cancer Society (ICS) on 15th February in Pediatric Seminar Hall

                           Team of Pediatric hematology oncology division and Indian cancer society with cancer survivors 

December 2018

Division of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology, Department of Paediatrics – Access Life NGO distributed hygiene kits to children having cancer and also to those who underwent bone marrow transplant. These hygiene kits were very useful for the care of children with febrile neutropenia.

Access Life NGO bag and hygiene kit distribution

Thalassemia Day care centre – 

NSDL (National Securities Depository limited) as a part of their corporate social responsibility initiative are supporting 300 thalassemia children – by giving leukocyte filters for blood transfusion, DEXA scan for evaluation of bone health and MRI for detecting iron overload in heart, liver and pancreas.

From R to L – Dr Sujata Sharma (Associate Prof), Dr Radha Ghildiyal (Prof and Head), Dr Jayashree Mondkar (Dean, LTMMC), Mr Manoj Sathe (Head of Marketing, NSD)

Division of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology, Department of Paediatrics

Christmas celebrations were conducted on 24th December for children admitted in haematology and oncology ward. This event was supported by Cherish Life India Foundation, India with staff from Department of Pediatrics .
Cherish Life Foundation celebrating Christmas with children of haematology oncology ward.

Paediatric Centre of Excellence (PCOE)for children with HIV, Department of Paediatrics Christmas celebrations were conducted in the PCOE. Hygiene kits were distributed to 250 kids. Note books, drawing book, crayons, colour bottles given by Morgan Stanley.

Team PCOE along with Dr Yashwant Gabhale (Associate Prof) and Dr Radha Ghildiyal (Prof and Head)

Autism Intervention Centre, UHC Dharavi 

On 5th January 2019 2nd Anniversary of the AIC was celebrated. There were games for both parents and children.  Dance performances by kids were thoroughly enjoyed. 

Team AIC WITH Dr Mona Gajre (Prof Paeds) and Dr Sushant Sarang (Asst Prof, OT), Mr Vishal Warke (Hi Media Lab Ltd)

Stress Management Program based on MINDFULLNESS for parents of children coming to the Autism Intervention Centre started from 12 January 2019. More than 35 parents were enrolled in this program. This program will be held in 8 sessions for every Saturday. 
Mindfulness meditation done by parents in the AIC

November 2018

Inaugural function of  Teenage and Daughters day 
It was held in the Auditorium at LTMG hospital on 22nd November, 2018 between 1pm to 4pm. The Chief Guest for the programme was Mr. Sunnybhushan Mungekar (Film, Television & Stage Actor). The Guest of Honour was Mr. Rahul Bhandare (Producer - Advait Theatres). Other dignitaries also present were Dr. Hemant Dhusia (Dean-Academic, LTMMC, Sion), Dr. Bela Verma (President IAP Mumbai), Dr Radha Ghildiyal (Professor & HOD Dept. of Pediatric, LTMMC, Sion) along with Dr Yashwant Gabhale Additional Prof of Pediatrics (Organizing Secretary).  Dr. Radha Ghildiyal delivered the welcome address and gave a brief insight of the Teenage & Daughters’ day celebrations. Dr. Yashwant Gabhale gave a brief overview on the various activities conducted during the preceding week at LTMG hospital. Mr Rahul Bhandare, inspired the youth by his dynamic speech. Mr. Sunnybhushan Mungekar motivated the youth to abstain from addictions and lead a healthier life. The programme was followed with a prize distribution ceremony in which certificates were given to all participants & cash prizes were awarded to the winners.

Dignitaries on dais - L-R Dr. Bela Verma, Dr.Radha Ghildiyal, Mr Rahul Bhandare, Mr. Sunnybhushan Mungekar, Dr. Hemant Dhusia

Lighting of Lamp by dignitaries

Lecture taken 
Dr Meeta Vashi, Surveillance Medical Officer, WHO delivered a talk on Measles and Rubella vaccination, as a national program to control measles and congenital Rubella syndrome on 26th November 2018, Pediatric Seminar hall, 2-4 pm 

October 2018

The Teenage day & Daughters’ day celebration: It was celebrated by Department of Pediatrics, Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College & Hospital, Sion in association with Indian Academy of Pediatrics Mumbai Branch. A variety of activities were held from 1st October to 5th October 2018to create awareness on different issues related to Teenagers & Daughter’s.

The themes for this year were as follows:

1.      Teenage Day - “LISTEN TO THEM,  TALK TO THEM’’


The activities were supported by Dr. Radha Gulati Ghildiyal Prof & HOD of Pediatrics & Dr. Yashwant Gabhale, Associate Prof of Pediatrics, who was also the conveyor of the activities & was co-ordinated by Dr. Deep Parekh, Consultant Pediatrician.

The following activities were conducted from 1-5 October 2018 in Pediatric seminar hall, Department of pediatrics, LTMMC and LTMGH

  1. Poster, Graffiti& Collage competition.
  2. Elocution competition, poem & Jingle competition.
  3. Street Play competition.
  4. Essay competition.
Poster – Daughters day 1st Prize 

Street play – Daughters day 

Co-ordinator- Dr Yashwant Gabhale 

3.Rose day celebration – It was organized by Department of Pediatrics and Cancer Patient Aids Association on 16 th October 2018 in Auditorium of LTMMC and LTMGH 

September 2018

Kindly include the following in the special activities session and the pictures with their captions in the gallery.

1.    Poshan Maha Abhyan September 2018

 The department of Pediatrics, LTMMC and LTMGH conducted sessions at Sion Hospital and UHC Dharavi by International Board Certified lactation Consultants, Breastfeeding promotion Network of India, Maharashtra. Children and parents were taught about nutrition, feeding practices with special emphasis on hygiene. Around 70 children participated.

Sunday friends conducted the following activity :

Health Education and interactive sessions were conducted by pediatric residents to the parents and children (100 parents and children) regarding Poshan Abhyan emphasizing care and nutrition of pregnant females, lactating mothers, about breastfeeding, complementary feeding practices.

Samples of various food products were bought to discuss advantage and disadvantage of various food items. Games like snakes and ladders were modified to differentiate and drive in the message of healthy and unhealthy foods.

1.      BPNI Health Talk in Sion Hospital

2.      Health Talk by Dr. Divya at Urban Health Centre, Dharavi

3.      Sunday Friends activity for children at Sion Hospital

4.      Sunday Friends team with Doctors of Sion Hospital

5.      Sunday Friends Team

6.      BPNI Team with Doctors of Sion Hospital at Urban Health Centre, Dharavi

7.      BPNI Health Talk at Urban Health Centre, Dharavi

8.      Poster display at Urban Health Centre, Dharavi

9.      Mothers and children listening eagerly to BPNI Health Talk in Sion Hospital

10.   Various food items at display during Sunday Friends activity at Sion Hospital

11.   Sunday Friends activity at Sion Hospital

Faculty of the IYCN workshop 

1.    Rose day celebration by Cancer patients Aids Association

Goody bags were distributed to cancer patient by the Cancer Patient Aid Association with Head of department of pediatrics, Dr. Radha Ghildiyal and team of Pediatrics Hematology Oncology on 28th September 2018


Rose day celebration by Cancer patients Aids Association – distribution of goody bags 

1.    Infant and Young Child nutrition workshop 

The Department of Paediatrics, Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Hospital held a 3 day workshop from 5-7 September and training program on the Infant and Young Child Nutrition Program (IYCN) for medical professionals including nursing staff. This was an Interdisciplinary workshop with participants from Pediatrics, Neonatology, Community Medicine, Obstetrics, occupational therapy and Dieticians. The Workshop conducted by the Departments of Pediatrics and Neonatology in collaboration with BPNI Maharashtra and UNICEF.

June 2018

  1. Workshop on Basic skills of Pediatric life support for post graduate students was conducted by Pediatric Intensive care division, Department of pediatrics on 8th June 2018 in Pediatric Seminar hall.This equipped the postgraduate residents to offer emergency care and basic life support to any critical child coming to the PICU.
  2. Workshop on “Intensive clinical training in psychological testing” was conducted by D’Souza Foundation supported by Department of Psychiatry. Faculty and staff from Pediatric Neurodevelopmental center and the Autism intervention Centre delivered talk on Psycho-educational test for Learning disability and Autism rating scales. The audience were  clinical psychologists.
  3. Autism Intervention Centre(AIC) conducted a Summer Camp in the month of April2018 for the children enrolled . A series of activities was planned and exercised which includes 1) Yoga 2) Vegetable painting 3) Collage Painting 4) Sapling planting 5) Clay modeling 6) Dancing and so on . The Summer Camp was filled with lots of learning activities, engaging games, socializing and positively reinforcing environment.
  4. Nutritional and Diet camp at Autism Intervention Center Certified nutritionist and dietician along with her team conducted a nutritional and diet camp on 24 April 2018 at AIC (Autism Intervention Centre).It was a learning and knowledgeable session for the parents where each child was assessed and customized plan was given to all parents .Around 18 kids were benefited by the customized diet plan.
  5. Guest Lecture on “Early intervention in Pediatric ENT issues” by Dr Hetal Marphatia, Professor and Head, Department of ENT, Seth G S Medical College was given on 28th June 2016 in Pediatric Seminar hall.

July 2018

  1. Inauguration of new RUTF VFFS packaging machine
    On 17th July 2018, an inauguration of the new RUTF VFFS packaging machine was held in the Urban Health Centre, Dharavi by dignitaries  from Fight Hunger Foundation (FHF): Head of Societe Generale Securities division, India, Head of Dept of fundraising and Manager Communications. The dignitaries interacted with the admitted children and distributed WASH kits.
  2. Vineland Social Maturity Scale (VSMS) training
    On 17/7/2018 Vineland Social Maturity Scale (VSMS) training was conducted by Clinical Psychologist for AIC team members.
  3. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation visit to Nutrition Rehabilitation, Research and Training Centre
    On 18th July 2018, a visit to Nutrition Rehabilitation, Research and Training Centre was organized by UNICEF, India, for the dignitaries from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: Country Director, India Country Office, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, S & P Global and member of board of UNICEF National Committee of US. The dignitaries interacted with OPD and IPD patients and staff of NRRTC. Our NRRTC was projected as a role model of successful public and private sector partnership.
  4. ORS Poem and Jingle Competitions (as a part of the ORS week celebration)
    Poem and Jingle competitions for UGs and PGs held as a part of ORS week celebrations on Wednesday 25th July in Pediatric Seminar Hall. 
  5. Guest Lecture on “When to suspect immunological disorders in children” was delivered by Dr Mukesh Desai, Professor of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology, Head of Immunology  at Bai Jerabai Wadia hospital for Children on 26th July in Pediatric Seminar hall , LTMGH, Sion 
  6. Training Workshop
    On 27th July 2018, a training workshop was organized by NRRTC to train around 38 Medical officers from Americares and Community Organizers from the NGO SNEHA.
  7. World ORS day
    World ORS day celebrated on Monday 3oth July 2018 by Dept. of Pediatrics in collaboration with Mumbai branch of Indian Academy of Pediatrics. Winners of all competitions held across all colleges throughout the ORS week showcased their performances during the program.
  8. Indian Academy of Pediatrics quiz for Undergraduate and Post-Graduate , the college round was held on 19th and 20th July 2018 in Pediatric Seminar hall, LTMGH 

April 2018

a)    Infant and Young child nutrition training – Level I, II and III workshops with hands on training were conducted for around 50 participants. These were   faculty, post-graduate students, nutritionists, counselors, nurses, working with newborns and children and also having special interest in breastfeeding and lactation counseling. 

b)    Severe acute malnutrition workshop – Training of postgraduate students, nutritionists for evaluation and appropriate management of children with SAM was conducted.

c)    2D ECHO services have been started by the Division of Cardiology, Department of Pediatrics from April 2018 onwards.

January 2018

Autism Intervention Centre First Anniversary Celebrations done on 29th January 2018 at UHC Dharavi – Dr Jayshree Mondkar, Dean, LTMGH addressed to the faculty members and the parents and children with autism. Dr Radha Ghildiyal, Professor and Head, Department of Pediatrics welcomed all guests. Following members attended the function – Dr Mona Gajre, Professor and Incharge AIC, Dr Nilesh Shah, Professor and Head, Department of Psychiatry, Dr Rashmi Yeradkar, Head of Occupational Therapy, Dr Arpita Adhikari, Associate professor in Pediatrics, Dr Avinash Desouza, Clinical Advisor of AIC, Dr Sagar Karia, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry.