Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is based on the belief that purposeful activity(occupation) Prevents dysfunction of physical or psychological origin. Occupational Therapists are concerned with their patients’ abilities to resume life roles upon discharge from hospital days This department is functioning since foundation of Sion hospital with maximum treatment modalities.

The school of Occupational Therapy started from 1990 with the capacity of 10 seats every year. For Post graduation, students can have exposure for different type of patient, also they can enrolled themselves for subject of Neurosciences, Neuro development, Musculoskeletal, Cardio-pulmonary &CBR. 

O.T. department in Sion hospital has a major role in orthopedics, neuro medicine, pediatrics, general surgery, plastic surgery, burns, amputation, cancer, cardiopulmonary conditions, neonatology, psychiatry & CBR. Many clinics and OPDs are regularly attended by therapists like hand clinics, Learning Disability clinics, High risk & developmental OPD.  Patients from these OPD’s are screened and refer to O.T. dept.In the clinics, cases are discussed in detail & further rehab planning or goal are set for these patient.

 Department organizes on regular basis various workshops, CME, Poster exhibition, Seminars and Camps.. Recently it has organised awareness programme through poster exhibition on “Need based O.T. for school children” on W.F.O.T. day, and back care camp for in house people on O.T. foundation day.

O.T. department has been involved in many projects in collaboration with NGO’s for community based rehabilitation