The medical faculty baptized as a part of Municipal General Hospital Bai Annapoorna Maternity Hospital (Presently Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital) and its humble beginnings in the Military Hospital barracks, of the British Rule in World War II).

The first physician was Dr. D. D. Vora, MBBS, M.D., MRCP, who joined this place on his return from U.K. on 1st June, 1949 and ably managed  the 135 bedded indoor Medical and Paediatric Units, besides daily outpatient clinic.  He witnessed a polio epidemic in 1949 and was actively involved in their rehabilitation.  To his credit, is an International publication on “Intragastric Oxygen Therapy for roundworm infestation.”

Dr. H.C. Merchant joined as Medical Registrar in April 1950 after completing his MBBS in 1948.    In 1954 Dr. K. Ramamoorthy joined  this hospital as Senior Registrar .Over the years he became a very popular  teacher and clinician.

When the instituion metamorphorsed and a medical college was born in 1964m honorary physicians who joined this Institute were Dr. V. B. Damle, Dr. M. J.  Gandhi and Dr.  I. D’Cruz in 1965-66.  In 1967, Dr.R.C.Khakhani, Dr.S.N.Deshmukh, Dr.S.G.Balani and Dr.A.B.Mehta were appointed.  Dr.D.B.Pahlajani and Dr.P.N.Kelkar joined in 1969, followed by Dr.A.C.Shah and Dr.N.M.Kapadia.

In 1970, full time unit of medicine was created and Dr.M.V.Divekar was given the responsibility to develop it further.  Plans  were set up for kidney, GI and Diabetes  service. A group of senior and enthusiastic honorary physicians, Dr.M.J.Gandhi, Dr.A.B.Mehta and Dr. Pahalajani of stareting the cardiology unit.  A beginning was thus made in superspecialities during Dr.M.V.Divekar’s tenure.

Dr MV Divekar  started the  Nephrology services in the Department  and then headed by Dr. N.K.Hase.

In 1980-84 respiratory and tetanus  care was initiated under the guidance of Dr.H.C.Merchant and Dr.S.N.Deshmukh and Dr.A.C.Shah.

Dr. Sucharita Nanivadekar joined as tutor in 1974-75 and she set up gastroenterology and bifurcated out as separate department at university level.  The other associate professors who were associated with our dept. are Dr.M.E.Yeolekar, Dr.A.G.Gore.

On retirement of Dr.M.V.Divekar, Dr. P.S.Menon was appointed as Head of the Dept. from 1987 October.  She concentrated on endocrine services medicine departmental lab and her tenure saw the birth of the medical intensive care unit in Dec.1988 and starting Diabetes and Endocrinology services.

Dr. K. P. Chawla took over as the Head of the Dept. in 1991. She efficiently managed the MICU and many disasters that occurred during her tenure since there was no separate emergency services. She was supported by Dr Prakash Jiandani in managing the MICU. Dept of Medicine  had   achieved 100% results at the PG level  during these years. She initiated Neurology services on motivating Dr.Rajini Karunakaran, Asstt. Professor, who underwent 2 years training. Geriatrics services started by Dr. K. P. Chawla and then Dr N D Karnik followed her.

Dr. L. S. Bichile joined as an Assoc Professor and  was promoted as  Professor.  She was instrumental in starting the Rheumatology  services and took keen interest in developing the medicine lab to perform specialized  tests. This speciality was taken over by Dr Jyotsna Oak when she joined our institute as Professor Medicine  and is presently being  run by Dr Yojna Gokhale.

Hematology services started by Dr. M. B. Agarwal, Hon. Physician


At present Medicine Dept.  has 6 Medical units.  24 hours dialysis service in AKD which has 14  beds  and a  well equipped , medical  intensive care  unit which has 12 beds.