Staff And Research Society

The Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College & General Hospital Staff & Research Society  was established in  the year 1967 and was registered under Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 in the year 1968 (Reg.No. F/1669 of 21.9.1968).  The Society is also registered for Income tax exemption under 80 G.

The Founder members were  Dr.K.N.Kamdar, Dr.G.Coelho, Dr.B.R.Rao, Dr.K.C.Gadre, Dr.(Smt.) S.D.Kanitkar.

The Co-founder members were Dr.M.B.Kher, Dr.N.A.Dabholkar, Dr.(Smt.)P.K.Murthy, Dr.R.J.Katrak, Dr.(Smt.)S.Punde, Dr.D.D.Vora, Dr.J.H.Fonseca, Dr.K.Bhargava, Dr.B.V.Mehta, Dr.C.T.Patel, Dr.A.V.Kerkar, Dr.V.J.Desai, Dr.H.J.Gandhi, Dr.D.D.Sathe, Dr.S.D.Bapat, Dr.V.B.Damle, Dr.(Smt.)S.B.Kanitkar, Dr.D.K.Dastur.  
The basic aim of this body was to encourage research activities amongst the faculty of the organization, spread awareness regarding the various services offered by the various departments for the citizens and to keep the faculty abreast with the recent advances in the vast and diversified field of Medicine.

The Staff & Research Society functioning is overseen by the Executive Committee consisting of 12 elected members in addition to the Dean who is the  President of the Society. The tenure of the members of the Executive Committee is for a period of 3 years. Every 4 members of the Executive Committee complete their tenure and 4 members are elected in their place by an election.

 The Staff & Research Society conducts Bi monthly Scientific Meetings, Teachers Day Celebration incorporating the Dr. V. N. Panse Oration, various other Orations and an Annual scientific Meeting and CME every year.

The Staff & Research Society also manages the day to day activities for the various independent autonomous bodies of the Institutional Ethics Committee on human research, animal research and stem cell research and helps in co ordinating the meetings and maintaining its records along with records of the Research Projects.

The Staff & Research Society also organises various Competitive Examinations, Paper presentation and Dissertation competitions every year

The Staff & Research Society publishes its annual report and souvenir called the “Lokstar” The First publication of the Lokstar was in the year 1989 and the Editors for that issue were Dr. L. S. Bichile and Dr. M. A. Gore.