The Year was 1966. From a home-made (made by a local Electronics firm) AC defibrillator, an attempt was made to convert chronic atrial fibrillation to sinus rhythm by counter shock.  The patient was taken to the operation theatre.  The first shock was delivered.  The patient went into ventricular fibrillation Dr. T.P.Kulkarni who was draped and ready to open the chest, if something went wrong almost decided to get into action.  But MJG held on and gave another shock and there was sinus rhythm.  Such was the dramatic birth of Cardiology in Sion Hospital.  MJG had an international NIH Grant on “Clinical evaluation of Vectorcardiolography” for a period of three years (1966-68).  This was followed by ICMR grant in vector cardiography in myocardial infarction in dogs for 2 years.  This experimental work was done in the Department of Pharmacology.  This and Ivan Decruz’s work on cardiac arrhythmias made Sion Cardiology a leader in Electrocardiology in the country, even in those early days.TPK,MJG & I.D., started early cardiology OPD services in those days.

The Cardiology Department of the L.T.M.G. Hospital had its humble beginning way back in 1973.  Pioneering work was done by Dr. M. J. Gandhi, Dr. D’Curz and Dr. T. P. Kulkarni in setting up the Cardiology services.  What began as only an out patient Department grew into a full fledged Cardiology Department in 1975 with the addition of a 10 bedded Intensive Coronary Care Unit.

By 1975-76, Dr. Ashwin Mehta and Dr. Pahlajani joined MJG in his efforts to establish a Cardiology Department.  All three of them being leading cardiologists of the country rapid progress was made.  The same year also saw the addition of a 2 bedded ICCU in small room in front of the Casualty Department.  This small, dingy room saw the admission of one of our Deputy Municipal Commissioner for acute infarction.  What began as a OPD soon grew into a full-fledged and established department in January 1978 Not much after in the same year a cardiac catheterization laboratory was also introduced. The whole gamut of Cardiological services for pediatric and adult patients began.  Dr. M.J. Gandhi was amongst the first in the country to do Coronary Angiography.

 In 1980 a fully equipped 10 bedded ICCU with Central ECG Monitoring along with 2-D Echo and Treadmill Stress testing was started.  A 16 bedded intermediate care ward was started.  In those days, we were the only one to have a computerized stress test in Bombay and our Pulsed Doppler was the first in the country and attracted patients from all over Mumbai.  In early eighties the use of Intracoronary Urokinase in acute infarction was pioneering.  We were one of the only two centres in the world, doing that.  1989, saw the introduction of coronary angioplasty and the proud privilege of being the leader among all the municipal Medical Colleges is ours.  The Department received API’s Dr. D.P.Basu award for this work.. In 1987, along with the whole country, Interventional procedure including coronary angioplasty were started.  Dr. A. B. Mehta, Dr. D. B. Pahlajani  were among the first to do Coronary Interventions amongst the Hospitals in the  city.

Dr. A. B. Mehta was the first to introduce direct Angioplasty Acute Myocardial Infraction in the country.  Dr. A. B. Mehta and Dr. G. R. Kane established this procedure and today we have the largest series of direct angioplasty in the country.

The gamut of services now offered include Treadmill stress testing, interventional procedure like thrombolysis, coronary angioplasty and valvuloplasty.
Research has always been an important aspect of our work.  In the early days pioneering works on vectocardiography, complex arrythmias and aortorateritis  were published.  A lot of work was also done in Coronary Angiography during acute MI, electrophysiology, rheumatic and congenital heart disease.

We have many firsts to our credit.  In vectocardiography, EP studies and coronary angiography, and early stress test, primary angioplasty in acute myocardial infarction, we have been pioneers.

Over the years the department has also hosted various congresses.  Beginning with the world Congress of Electrocardiology in 1976, the Ist World Congress on Coronary Heart Diseases in 1982 and an International Congress on Coronary Heart Disease in 1988 was also conducted by us.  In 1991, a workshop on coronary stents was done.  Our department first published the only journal in electrocardiology in our country.  It is unique in the electrocardiology in our country.Indian Soc. Of Electrocardiology was born in sSion, Cardiology Department and is now in existence for over 20 years.  Mahavir Heart Foundation, a social organization was also born at Sion.  It is now over 3 decades old and has done innumerable cardiac camps all over Gujarat and Maharashtra and has helped hundred of cardiac Surgery.  The Atithi Grihas in Sion Hosptial also owes its existence to Mahavir Heart Foundation.

MJG has been President of CSI, ABM has been President of API & DBP has been President of both.

This has continued to grow in subsequent years and continues to remain in forefront in coronary interventional work, amongst all municipal hospitals.

Vision and Values

Our Vision :

  • Comprehensive cardiac care to all with the best of the technique and available resouces.
  • Quality world class care according to the latest updated guidelines in a patient friendly atmosphere.
  • Patient Education and awareness of the burgeoning epidemic of cardiovascular cases.

Our Values :

  • Ethical honest work with complete integrity, Focus on better Doctor Patient Relationship, Compromising on nothing but the best for the patients.

Future Plans: 
The Cardiology Department plans to provide

  • Tele-medicine
  • E-mail consultation facilities for peripheral CCU’s / ICU’s.

Contact Us:

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2nd floor OPD Building
LTMMC Hospital



Landmark events at LTMMC & LTMG
Hospital Department of Cardiology


First AC defibrillator attempt to convert
chronic AF? NSR by Dr MJ Gandhi


Clinical evaluation of Vectorcardiography


EP studies in ACS patients SNRT & His
Bundle Electrogram


Dr AB Mehta, Dr DB Pahlajani joined
Dr MJ Gandhiand and Cardiology Dept made rapid progress


Dr MJ Gandhi amongst the first in country
to do Coronary Angiography


Department of Cardiology acquired 2D Echocardiography, Treadmill Test and Holter analysis - First in country to do predischarge stress test post AMI


Introduced Intracoronary Urokinase for ACS patients

Early 80's

Introduced the concept of Coronary Ambulance equipped with scope monitoring and DefibrillatorOne of the largest ICCU in country catering exclisively to ACS patientsFirst to introduce Doppler in country First to introduce Computerised Stress test in Mumbai


Dr AB Mehta nd DB Pahlajani Amongst the first in country to do Coronary Angioplasty


Dr AB Mehta and Dr GR Kane first in country to introduce Primary Angioplasty in Acute Myocardial infarction


Dr G. R . Kane presented paper in ESC - UK


Dr DP Basu award- CSI to Dr HM Mardikar


Dr Shamin Sharma and Dr Karlo D Mario wokshop on Complex Coronary Intreventions-Rotablator


Department acquired the state of art Digital flat panel Cath lab