Teaching Activities

Departmental teaching activities

  • Bedside clinical teaching - daily morning
  • Friday – 2.30 – 4 pm - Case presentation/Seminar/Clinico-pathological meeting
  • Guest lecture on interesting and common topics every month
  • Undergraduate teaching (when the batch is posted) daily morning except on Saturday.
  • Intercollegiate Monthly Clinical Meeting – 5th Friday of the month

Unit wise teaching activities

Dr. Radha Ghildiyal Unit 
  • Monday morning – Grand Rounds in General Paediatrics
  • Thursday morning – Grand Rounds in General Pediatrics
  • Monday afternoon – Case presentation/ topic discussion for Post graduate students
  • Thursday afternoon – Journal club/Discussion 
  • Wednesday and Saturday – Slide session teaching in Hematology
  • Tumour Board Meeting – 4th Thursday of every month
  • Review of ART Centres’ Data with discussion of rare cases – every three months

Dr. Alka Jadhav unit
  • Tuesday- Grand rounds in General pediatrics, Discussion of interesting cases in pediatric gastro enterology and nutrition
  • Wednesday morning- Case presentation by post graduate students
  • Wednesday afternoon- Seminars/ Case presentation by Fellows in GI and Nutrition
  • Friday- Grand rounds in General Pediatrics, Endoscopy and GI case discussion
  • Saturday- Journal club/ Interesting case discussion

Dr. Mona Gajre Unit
  • Monday- Grand rounds in General pediatrics, Interesting case discussion in neurology
  • Tuesday Morning- Case presentation by post graduate students
  • Tuesday Afternoon- Seminar/ Case Presentation by Fellows 
  • Thursday Morning- Grand rounds in General pediatrics
  • Thursday afternoon – EEG Discussion for Fellows
  • Friday- Journal club, Case discussion in neurology