In 1950, Dr M.V. Sant was appointed as “Chief Pathologist”, first time in-charge of   laboratory, and a small blood bank for in-patients.
1953-Autopsy section started for medico legal autopsies.
1957 to 1962- Dr R.G Modak was appointed as part time Pathologist, clinicopathological meetings and autopsy histology got a boost. 
1964- Lokmanya Tilak Medical College was established
1966- Dr P.M Chaphekar was appointed as Professor and Head
1972- Dr K.P Deodhar was appointed as additional Professor of microbiology
1977- Dr K.P Deodhar appointed as Professor and Head and various specialties like 
Cytopathology, Cardiovascular & pulmonary, Hepatobiliary & GI pathology,Renal, Neuropatholgy, Paediatric pathology developed.

The department of Pathology provides following laboratory services :
  • Surgical pathology - Histopathological diagnosis of surgical resected tissues, biopsies, New IHC Markers added in preexisting markers panels, p16 (INK4),CK-19,Glypican-3, AMACR, ATRX, PAX5, Hepar 1, CD7
  • Autopsy – Conducting autopsies of medical & medicolegal cases & histopathological diagnosis.
  • Cytopathology – Gynecological cytology (PAP smears), fluid cytology, fine needle aspiration cytology.
  • Hematology – Complete blood counts, bone marrow aspiration & trephine bone biopsies, other relevant investigations.
  • Blood Bank - Collection, storage of blood, relevant serological investigations, preparation of components, blood camps for collection round o’clock service.
  • Chemical pathology – Biochemical investigations of indoor & outdoor patients.
  • Clinical Pathology – Investigation, urine, stool, blood counts, routine examination of fluids.
  • Emergency Lab. services – Important life saving investigations Arterial blood gas analysis,  Serum Electrolytes ( 24 hour service few biochemical and hematological investigations after routine hour.

Special Activities :
  • Frozen section facility
  • Immunoflourescence staining of kidney biopsies.
  • Dissection of Fetus

Teaching :
  • Undergraduate, post graduate students in Pathology.
  • D.M.L.T. students ( Mumbai University)
  • Occupational & Physical Therapy

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