Physio –Therapy

Physio –Therapy

Physiotherapy is a health profession that assesses and provides treatment to individuals to develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and function throughout life. This includes providing treatment in circumstances where movement and function are threatened by aging, injury, disease or environmental factors.

Physiotherapy is concerned with identifying and maximizing quality of life and movement potential within the spheres of promotion, prevention, treatment/intervention, habitation and rehabilitation. This encompasses physical, psychological, emotional and social well being. It involves the interaction between physiotherapist, patients/clients, other health professionals, families, care givers and communities in a process where movement potential is assessed and goals are agreed upon, using knowledge and skills unique to physiotherapist.

Physiotherapists use an individual’s history and physical examination to arrive at a functional diagnosis and establish a management plan and, when necessary, incorporate the result of laboratory and imaging studies. Electro diagnostic testing (Electromyography and Nerve Conduction Velocity) may also be of assistance.

Physiotherapy has many specialties including musculo-skeletal, neurological, cardiopulmonary, geriatrics, paediatrics, and women’s health, industrial to name some of the common areas.

Introduction of Department:-

The Physiotherapy Teaching & Treatment Centre, L.T.M.Medical College & General Hospital has been in existence since 1969 as an independent department of the Hopsital. It used to cater to the patients in various speciality areas even then.

Since 1981 the department started admitting students for the masters’ in Physical therapy course, then affiliated to University of Mumbai, with Prof.(Mrs.) Bharati V. Bellare.

In 1990, the first batch of students was admitted for the Bachelor’s course in Physical Therapy, affiliated to University of Mumbai, under the able guidance of Prof. (Mrs.) Bellare. Since then the department has never looked back. It is now considered as one of the prime esteemed institutes in the field of Physiotherapy education in the entire nation.

Our Vision:

To make our department a centre of excellence in the field of physiotherapy services, education and research.

Our Mission:

To achieve our Vision through:

·         Expert, dedicated & humane service to our patients.

·         Preeminent education to make our students the finest physiotherapists and good human beings.

·         Gaining new knowledge through innovation & research in the fields, ie. patient care and education and to use this knowledge to excel in both the fields.

Programme Outcomes:

By the end of the program   physiotherapy students should be able to :

·         able to work as a member of a health care team  ;understanding the roles of other professions in the society.

·         appreciate the social & economic factors that impact on health and delivery of care within which physiotherapy is delivered.

·         know evaluation and research processes sufficiently to find and use available evidence in order to choose and evaluate treatment intervention safely and effectively.

·         know the reflection and the learning process, in order to identify personal and professional goals for continuing professional development and lifelong learning.


Program Specific Outcomes:

By the end of the program   physiotherapy students should be able to:

·         understand the role of physiotherapy in the prevention of illness and injury and in health promotion in a variety of practice contexts.

·         apply appropriate physiotherapy assessment techniques and implement clinical practice based on research evidence.

·         have communication skills sufficient to communicate safely and effectively as a professional with patients, care givers and peers.


Course Outcomes:

By the end of the course physiotherapy students should be able to:

·         learn and demonstrate the skills as per as the MUHS course objectives specified as documented in year wise MUHS syllabus.