Facilities & Infrastructure

Human  being is a  unique creation  of  God.  The  human body and  brain  is  a   supercomputer made by God which is studied since ancient time with the help of available research modalities of the given time.  Yet it is not completely understood.  Medical progress with the recent modalities of advanced diagnostic and therapeautic procedures has new frontiers opening even now.  For all this progress, a proper understanding of human body at structural ,functional and microscopic level is essential and hence it forms basis of medical education.  Anatomy elucidates these  aspects and  forms the foundation stone of medical course.  A proper knowledge of human body is essential for Surgery, Medicine, Gynecology and Obstetrics.

The warm, pleasing and encouraging atmosphere of the Anatomy Department has a long lasting impact on students and hence it has unique place in the minds of present and past students.

The Anatomy department of L.T.M.Medical College was started on 18th November 1964 under the able professorship of the late Dr. V.G. Kale.  The first batch of 60 students was admitted on 20th Nov. 1964.  The staff at that time consisted of one Professor and six part-time demonstrators only.  For short periods, Dr. Teggihalli and Dr. Acharya worked as Asstt. Professors. 

The department of Anatomy, at our Institution conducts workshops in collaboration with ENT Surgeons, General Surgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons and Neurosurgeons who wish to update their knowledge of Anatomy through hands-on dissections and prosections. 

Gross Anatomy Museum :
Display of various Gross Anatomy specimens--organs and bones in museum with X-rays, CT & MRI.

Embryology Museum :
Display of  dissected fetuses .
Display of  embryology charts. Embryology models  covering  development of  various systems.
Slides for teaching UG/PG students
Histology  Lab :
Slides for teaching UG/PG students
Histology drawings  for students.

Audiovisual aid :
Computers with LCD projectors
Overhead projectors
Slide Projectors
X-ray view boxes

Other Infrastructure :
Body lifting machine for dissection Hall.
Microscope with attached camera connected with computer
Body cutting machine
Mortuary cabinets

Other Facilities :
Buccal smear examination  being carried out for patients referred from other clinical departments Body donation (DEHADAN) is accepted . Instructions for Body donation.