Research Activities

Research Projects Undertaken

  • Dr. M. Natarajan:
    Study of nature of Bones and Joints with Dr. M. L. Kothari and Dr. L. A. Mehta since 1985

  • Dr. J.S. Charania, Dr. S.S. Hattangdi:
    Anatomical variation in Origin Course and Branches of anterior & posterior tibial vessels
  • Dr. Vinayak Kulkarni:
    Clinical cytogenetic and molecular evaluation in subjects with primary amenorrhoea.
  • Dr. D.N. Khedekar, Dr. S.S. Hattangdi:
    Study of aberrant cleidooccipitalis cervicalis.
  • Dr. R. A. Gole, Dr. S.S. Hattangdi:
    Sexual dimorphism in the corpus callosum and its correlation to brain weight.
  • Dr. P. M. Meshram, Dr. S.S. Hattangdi:
    The morphometric study of lateral ventricle (anterior horn) and cerebrum(frontal cortex) by computerized tomography.
  • Dr. Rupali Mahajan, Dr. S.S. Hattangdi
    1.    Study of morphological variations in lungs
    2.    To study branching pattern of coronary artery by coronary angiography.

Future plans

  • E- Learning facility for the students
  • Cadaveric dissection Lab
  • Virtual dissection Laboratory
  • Genetics Laboratory