Research activities

  • Ganesh Tajane  ( M.O.Th. Student ) : Performance of Learning disabled Children on Bruininks Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency  - June 2006 – April 2009
  • Gaurav Thawali ( M.O.Th. Student ) : The Effect of contoured foam seat
    ( C.F.S. ) during therapy on upper limb gross motor function in toddlers with neuro motor impairment - June 2006 – April 2009
  • Amol Gore ( M.O.Th. Student ) : Use of adapted Version of family centered Functional Therapyin young children with Central Nervous system Dysfunction- Study Duration –June2010-May2011
  • Chanchal Agrawal( M.O.Th. Student ) : To find the correlation of motor abilities and visual perceptual skills, pre and post need based occupational therapy intervention in learning disabled children.Study Duration –June2010-May2011
  • Priti Patel ( M.O.Th. Student ) : The effect of Short Thumb Opponense Splint on prehensile functionsin infants with Neuromotor impairments - Study Duration –June2010-May2011
  • Shahina Sheikh ( M.O.Th. Student ) : The study the effect of exploring objects with feet on movement and motor development of developmentally delayed infants- Study Duration –June2010-May2011
  • Effect of Spinal cord Injury on Quality of life,Manjusha Vagal-Duration June2009-Oct2009