Equipment list (Old)

Name of the Equipment

X-ray viewers

ADL adaptations Kit

Dynamometer & pinchometer

Peg board (gross-fine)

Probation suspiration board

Inclined / horizontal sand board

Sand blocks, weights & slings, Weighted cuffs

Shoulder wheel

Grip exerciser

Bicycle fret saw/ Bed Cycles

Quadriceps exercises

Medicine balls

Equilibrium boards

Parallel bars

Walkers   Adult

Walkers Pediatric

Tilt table

Full length mirror

Corner Steps

Sewing machine

Drill machine

Ankle exerciser


ADL board

Cp chair/corner chair/ H-stool/ Cutout stool


Paediatrics / Adult Thera Wedges

Standing table

Tricycle/Junior bicycles

Therapy ball

Tools for orthoses

Adaptive equipment


Recently added equipment


Suspension Table

Drill Quadriceps Exerciser

CPM (Upper/Lower)

Fat Measurement Tool

Monofilament Test

Reach & Range Pulley

Rocker Balance Board

Upper Extremity Work station

Therapeutic Steamer

Oven for Splint Moulding