CMEs / Workshops / Academic activities

CMEs organized by Staff Member

  • Report from September to November

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  • Report from January 2020 to March 2021


Conferences / activities organized by Department:

  • OTICON 2020 was held in Mumbaion 16th, 17th and 18th Jan 2020 and Occupational Therapy Department ,LTMMC and GH worked in collaboration with AIOTA for this OTICON 2020
  • Occupational Therapy Department celebrated Women’s Day on 7th March 2020 by organizing workshop on self defence for Staff and Students.
  • Occupational Therapy Department celebrated Women’s Day on 8th March 2020 by organizing cooking, mehendi and Nailart competition for staff and students. Felicitaton of Covid Warriors was organized on the same day.
  • World Mental health day was celebrated on 10thOctober 2020 by organizing mindfulness sessions for PG students, patients admitted in ward 30 and nurses.

Paper Presentations at OTICON 16th-18th Jan 2020 held at Mumbai

1) Dr. Pallavi Phulpagar

Dr. Sushant Sarang

Understanding service seekers perspectives of navigating in a hospital: A Qualitative study

  • Shrutika Patil

Dr. Shailaja Jaywant

Family centered approach in Ehler's Danlos Syndrome: A case study

  • Aishwarya Parmar

Dr. Rashmi Yeradkar

Prevalence of Cold Intolerance among patients with Hand injuries and disorders in Mumbai

  • Jyotsna Bankhele

Dr. Rashmi Yeradkar

Effect of upper back brace with auditory feedback for forward head rounded shoulder posture among office workers with chronic neck pain:A pre post single group study.

  • Deepakkumar Shrivastav

Dr. Shailaja Jaywant

The effect of PEO model in improving social skill: A case study

  • Manshi Chadwa

Dr. Rashmi Yeradkar

Client centered approach in patient with Purpura Fulminans with multiple amputation: A case study


Paper Presentions at 2nd ANT Conference on 6th and 13th Sep 2020.

  • Dnyaneshwari Giri

Dr. Shailaja Jaywant

To analyse the effect of quality of sleep and level of fatigue in postpartum mother

  • Deepa Awasthi

Dr. Shailaja Jaywant

A systemic Review of different pain assessment scales used in neonates.


Paper Presentations at virtual OTICON 2021 held on 6th and 7th March.

  • Deepa Awasthi

Dr. Shailaja Jaywant

A systemic Review of different pain assessment scales used in neonates.

  • Jyotsna Bankhele

Dr. Rashmi Yeradkar

Efficacy of Thermoplastic Halovest and the clinical outcome following its use for C4-5 fracture Injury: A case report.

  • Report of January, February, March, April 2019

Ø  Dr. Shubhangi Lad was invited for a lecture on “Geriatric healthcare from Occupational Therapy Perspective” at Abhiruchi Group Vadala on 24th Jan 2019.

Ø  Marathi Bhasha Day Celebration was done on 23rd February under guidance of Dr. Rashmi Yeradkar, Incharge of Occupational Therapy Department.

·         Mr. Arun Kadam, Executive Engineer, Water Works WS(South) was invited for lecture on ‘Natyakal Avalokan and Upcharatmak Upyuktata’. Mr. Arun Kadam sir explained us about the drama and use of stage and also gave us live demonstration of drama.

·         Dr. Rashmi Yeradkar explained us about role of Drama therapy in Occupational therapy.

·         Dr. Sushant Sarang and PG students displayed two videos demonstrating use of drama therapy in our admitted patients.

·         The lecture was attended by all staff and students of LTMMC & GH.

·         The topic of lecture was novel and appreciated by all.

Ø  Dr. Shailaja Jaywant was invited for a talk on “Oral Motor problems in preterm infants and breast feeding efficacy” at the Annual National Conference of Association of Neonatal Therapists held at Tip top plaza, Thane on 3rd March 2019.

Ø  Dr. Shailaja Jaywant was invited as Faculty for talk on “Emotional Awareness and Stress management in parents of primary school children” held at Manohar Chogale high school, Borivli on 9th March 2019.

Ø  Dr.Shailaja Jaywant was invited as Faculty for Hand Rehabilitation Symposium on the topic “Indications and Principles of Hand splints” held at Nashik on 17th March 2019.

Ø  Dr. Anuradha Pai was invited as Faculty for Hand Rehabilitation Symposium on the topic “therapeutic Management of Stiff Hand” held at Nashik on 17th March 2019.

Ø  Dr. Sushant Sarang took Stress Management Program for parents of children at Autism Intervention Centre in February- March 2019.

Ø  Dr. Sushant Sarang took lecture on Child Development and Parenting Tips for parents and teachers at Bal Bharti School, Kharghar on 8th April 2019.




World Occupational Therapy Day was celebrated by Occupational Therapy Training School and Centre, L.T.M.M.C. & G.H. in collaboration with AIOTA and Mumbai Branch of AIOTA.

Occupational Therapy staff and students participated enthusiastically in the Walkathon organised by AIOTA on 9th November 2019 at Parel, Mumbai. The walk was flagged off by Dr. Hemant Deshmukh, Dean, G.S.M.C. & K.E.M. Hospital.

O.T. public awareness placards and posters were designed and displayed during the walk. Interesting slogans were made by the students. An audio was recorded in English and Hindi about Occupational therapy awareness and propagated through loudspeaker throughout the walk. The 2 hour walk culminated at G.S.M.C. & K.E.M. hospital.

It was followed by a street play to spread awareness about the role of Occupational therapy in different fields. The street play was performed by the students of L.T.M.M.C. & G.H. in K.E.M. hospital campus. It was based on this year's WFOT theme “Improving world health and well-being”.

Thus, World Occupational therapy day/month was celebrated with gusto by Occupational therapy training school & centre, L.T.M.M.C. & G.H.

Street play performed by O.T. students from L.T.M.M.C. & G.H

O.T. teachers, clinical staff and students of L.T.M.M.C. & G.H. during Walkathon

1.Organised CMEs on “Statistical Methods & Art of writing Research in Occupational Therapy”in March 2016, in collaboration with ‘Academic Council of Occupational Therapy’ under auspices of All India Occupational Therapists’ Association

2.Organised workshop on “Basic workshop in Medical Education Technology for residents in collaboration with Physiotherapy department ,L.T.M.M.C & GH, Sion in February 2016

3.Organised Seminar on”Hand Trauma Update-“Management & rehabilitation in collaboration with Department of plastic surgery & Department of physiotherapy in March 2016

4. Organized Seminar on “Cognitive Rehabilitation” in March 2014

5. Organized Seminar on ‘Improving Quality of Life of mothers of Children with special Needs” in March 2014

6.Organised Poster exhibition on”Awareness about Wide horizon of Occupational Therapy in October 2013 Organised workshop under auspices of World Ocupational Therapy Day

7. Organised CMEs on “Improving academic performance in Scool children with special needs “in Jan 2011

8. Organised seminar on”Early intevention & Rehabilitation in CP” in collaboration with Department of Paediatrics in March2011

9. Organised CMEs on “Neurodevelopmental assessment &Early intervention in Neonates & Infants” in April 2011

10.Organised poster exhibition on “Need Based Occupational Therapy in School going Children” in October2009

11.Organised “Back care “camp for Hospital employees in November 2009

Academic Activities by Staff Member

Activities in 2016

Sr. no.

Name of staff member


Venue & date



Dr. Anuradha V. Pai

Dr. Shubhangi Lad


CME on Hand injury management updates

LTMMC & GH, Sion, Mumbai March 2016



Dr.Shailaja Jaywant


Basic Course in Medical Education & Technology for Residents

LTMMC & GH, Sion, Mumbai Feb 2016



Dr. Anuradha V. Pai

Dr. Rashmi Yeradkar


Basic Course in Medical Education & Technology for Residents

LTMMC & GH, Sion, Mumbai Feb 2016




Activities in 2015



Dr. Anuradha V. Pai

Resource person, Continuing Occupational Therapy Education in

National Conference of AIOTA

Cognitive Rehabilitation- Addressing hidden disabilities in Adults

New Delhi

10th to 12th April 2015



Dr.Shailaja Jaywant


International conference of Autism & Cerebal Palsy

Stress management for parents of children with special needs


1st to 3rd May2015



Dr. Anuradha Pai

Guest lecture on Role of Occupational Therapy in MWD/ALS

Vanita Samaj, Dadar on 21st June 2015



Dr. Rashmi Yeradkar

Occupational Therapy approaches in free arm complex injuries

At TMH, on 21/12/2015



Dr. Rashmi Yeradkar

Oration on Elbow injuries & OT management




Shailaja Jaywant

Training for respite care givers





Activities in 2014



Dr. Rashmi S. Yeradkar


Advanced Neuro rehabilitation techniques in multiple Sclerosis on 6th Jan 2014 at MSSI society, Sion


Dr. Anuradha V. Pai


Cognitive Rehabilitation on 27th March 2014 at LTMMC & GH, Sion


Dr. Anuradha Pai (Author)

Dr. Shailaja Jaywant(Co-author)

Therapeutic Mx of tendoning of hand- A Meta Analysis, 3rd Annual National Hand Conference, Thane, 13th & 14th September 2014


Dr. Shailaja Jaywant(Author) Dr. Anuradha Pai (Co-Author)


Use of Low temp. Thermoplastic prosthesis for first ray amputation- A case report. 3rd Annual National Hand Conference, Thane, 13th & 14th September 2014


Suhas Bongade

Shubhangi Lad

Role of O.T. in cognitive anamolies a board perspective 3rd Annual National Hand Conference, Thane, 13th & 14th September 2014


Parag Sawant

Screening of chronic alcoholics for cognitive impairment using montreal cognitive assessment- Occupational Therapy prospective, Jaipur Conference 

5th Annual National IFNRCON’17

Workshops and Conferences  
  • The 5th Annual National IFNRCON’17 on 1st & 2nd April’17 was attended by Dr. Jyotsna Gaikwad.
  • Dr Jyotsna Gaikwad, Occupational Therapist, LTMGH presented a Poster on ‘Intensive Holistic Cognitive Rehabilitation:-A path towards functional Independence’.
    Author : Dr. Jyotsna Gaikwad
    Co-Author: Dr. Anuradha Pai

  • Dr. Jyotsna Gaikwad was awarded with the Gandhi Scholarship at IFNRCON on 1st & 2nd April’17 held at MET, Bandra.

Academic and Awareness Activities - April 2017

The month of April is celebrated as ‘World Autism Month’. The departments of Occupational Therapy, Paediatrics and Psychiatry, LTMMC & GH, Sion celebrated Autism Awareness Month 2017 through their joint venture - ‘Autism Intervention Centre’.

·         Two programs were conducted to achieve the objective of awareness
- Parent Awareness Program on 8th April 2017.

- CME for professionals on 29th April 2017.

Ø  Program for Parents of Children with Autism:

A Parent Awareness Program titled 'Understanding Autism' was conducted on 8th April 2017 at Autism Intervention Centre, Dharavi, Sion. Dr Radha Gulati Ghildiyal, Professor & HOD, Pediatrics, LTMMC & GH, Sion gave the Welcome address. The program was also graced by Dr Rashmi Yeradkar, Assoc Prof & Incharge, Occupational Therapy Training school & Centre.

The lectures for parents were as follows:

'What is Autism?' by Dr. Mona Gajre, Professor, Pediatrics, LTMMC & GH, Sion

'Enrollment procedure at AIC' by Dr. Priti Mhatre, Medical Officer, AIC & PND 

'Psychiatry Perspective to Autism' by Dr. Avinash Desouza, Psychiatrist & Clinical Advisor, AIC

'Role of Occupational Therapy ' by Dr. Sushant Sarang, Asst. Professor, Occupational Therapy Dept, LTMMC & GH, Sion

'Role of Speech Therapy' by Ms. Nitya Raman, Speech Language Therapist, 

'Government schemes and concessions for children with autism' by Ms. Heta Shah , Clinical Psychologist & Clinical Administrator, AIC & PND 

'Parents' Perspective' was given by one of the parents

The program was attended by 30 parents of children wih Autism and was well appreciated.

Ø Program for Professionals:

A CME program for professionals was organized titled ‘Autism spectrum Disorders (ASD)- Principles & Practices’ was conducted on 29th April 2017.

The CME was inaugurated by Dr Suleman Merchant, Dean, LTMMC & GH, Sion alongwith Mrs Saroj Warke Co-founder & IT Director, HiMedia Laboratories Pvt.Ltd. ;Dr Radha Gulati Ghildiyal; Professor & HOD, Pediatrics; Dr Mona P.Gajre Professor, Pediatrics; Dr Nilesh Shah, Professor &Head , Dept of Psychiatry and Dr Rashmi Yeradkar, Assoc Prof & Incharge, Occupational Therapy Training school & Centre.

The program of the CME was as follows:

Overview of Autism – Recent guidelines to diagnosis 

by Dr Mona P.Gajre Professor, Pediatrics, LTMMC & GH, Sion


Music Therapy in Autism

by Dr Nilesh Shah, Professor &Head , Dept of Psychiatry, LTMMC & GH, Sion


Sensory Integration and Occupational therapy in Autism 
by Dr. Sushant Sarang, Asst. Professor, Occupational Therapy Dept, LTMMC & GH, Sion


Adolescence and Sexuality in Children with Autism by Dr Avinash Desousa ,Psychiatrist,Clinical Advisor-AIC


AIC Centre & Facilities  by Dr Priti Mhatre,Research Medical Officer AIC&PND 


'Government schemes and educational concessions for children with autism' by Ms. Heta Shah Clinical Psychologist & Clinical Administrator, AIC & PND 

A panel discussion was held on “Medical Co-morbodities in Autism”. The panelists were: Dr Alka Jadhav, Professor Paediatrics; Dr Mona Gajre, Professor Paediatrics; Dr Arpita Thakker, Assoc.Professor Paediatrics.

The panel discussion was moderated by Dr Prachi Karnik, Asst.Professor Paediatrics.


A symposium was conducted on ‘Interdisciplinary approach to Autism – Case based learning” wherein 3 cases were presented by the team of Autism intervention Centre.

The panelists were: Dr Rashmi Yeradkar,Assoc Prof & Incharge, Occupational Therapy Dept, LTMMC & GH; Dr Avinash Desousa ,Psychiatrist,Clinical Advisor-AIC and Ms.Heta Shah,Clinical Psychologist & Clinical Administrator, AIC & PND.


A parent of a child with Autism spoke on “Parenting a child with autism”


 The CME was attended by 201 participants.

Report of July 2017

  • Dr. Rashmi Yeradkar presented lecture on : Splinting- An Occupational Therapy Art in Plastic Surgery Department on 19th July 2017
  • Attended lecture on Assistive Technology on 22nd & 23rd 2017 At Saifee Hospital. Participants:  Dr. Rashmi Yeradkar, Dr. Shubhangi Lad, Mansi Mulye and Riyasatali Shaikh

Report of December 2017

Ø  Two Poster Presentations on the topic “Occupational Therapy in Obesity” were done by MOTH students at B.Y.L.Nair Hospital on 2nd November 2017.

1.   Ist MOTH students: Deepak Shrivastav, Shrutika Patil, Pooja Gaikwad, Arthi Karnam and Haydn Fernandes

2.    IInd MOTH Students: Bhavika Sharma, Priyatam Dandavate, Rakesh Shitole, Riyasatali Shaikh- Won 2nd prize for the poster.


Ø  The staff and students attended the 5th Educational continuing program held in memory of Late Mrs. Aruna Tole at Tata Memorial Hospital on 15th and 16th December 2017  

·         Dr. Anuradha Pai presented a lecture on “Lifestyle Management in Oncology – Occupational Therapy Perspective” at the program.

·         Dr. Shailaja Jaywant presented a lecture on “ Occupational Therapy- Meeting Activity and Occupational Demand”. At the program.

·         Case presentations were done by U.G. and P.G. Students : Pooja Kamble, Priyatam Dandavate, Rakesh Shitole and Ummesalma.

·         Ms. Pooja Kamble won 1st prize for Best Case presentation and was awarded “                 Late Aruna P.Tole Trophy”.

·         Poster presentations were done by P.G. Students Bhavika Sharma, Deepak Shrivastav and Shrutika Patil.

Ms. Bhavika Sharma won 2nd prize for poster presentation.