Work load – OPD & IPD

A) Routine O.P.D : Daily OPD Services (O.P.D-21)

     Annual work load:

Adult O.P.D:           New patients –         20 to 25       Children-       10 Patients  

                                            Follow Up-              200 to 250  

                                            Total-                        250 to 275               


B) E.C.T’s:                        These are given daily on both O.P.D/I.P.D. basis

                                           Total ECT’s  :- Daily 10 -15 Patients


2) Routine indoor service and work load:-

       Daily admission in male & female ward:  3  - 6  patients app.


Annual Load:


Ward                                Male                                Female                    Paediatric

Beds Strength                               18                                        9                                5


3) Specialized O.P.D’s & Activities :

 a)      C.G.C:- Child guidance clinic is conducted on daily basis.


      Annual Patients           2000-2200 Patients


b)     Epilepsy: - E.E.G Clinic: - EEG studies are provided by the Dept. daily epilepsy.


Total EEG’s done by Dept: - 5 to 10 in a day

c)      Social Work Section :- The Psychiatric Social worker in Adult to child sections help in day to day work by providing counseling, rehabilitation & case work, group work.  It also involves in various lectures, studies, workshops & other activities in the department.


No. of case seen for social data                             =   3000 to 3200

No. of case seen for Short Term Casework           =   2000 to 2500

No. of case seen for Long Term Casework           =   1000 to 1200

No. of case for Follow up                                      =   500 to 750

No. of case for Social evaluation                           =   200 to 250

No. of Visit                                                            =   50 to 80

No. of C.G.C. case seen                                                    =   600 to 800

d)     Clinical Psychology Section: - This includes clinical Psychologist who


Administers various Psychological tests like MMPI, ROR, B.G., W.M.S, IQ. etc. for all the department including Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Medicine, Neurology, Neurosurgery etc.


O.P.D wise classification        : 20 to 25 per day


Lectures are given to student nurses, medical students and to students from Institute regarding the role of a Psychologist and information regarding administration of various Psychological tests.


Lectures taken for the Occupational & Physiotherapy student in the subject of General and Development Psychology, rating students on projects on conducting exams.


Supervision and guidance of students from other Institutes (S.N.D.T., Mumbai University) for their Internship



e)      Psychotherapy O. P .D’s:-


1)      Somat Group :- once a week Monday for patients with somatoform Disorders.

Annual work load: - No. of patients – 900


2)      Schizophrenia group: - once a week on Thursday for relatives of Schizophrenia.

Relatives of  patients annually.-350


3)      Sex Group: - Once a week on Thursday for sexual dysfunction.

Annual patient No- approx –


4)      Alcoholic Anonymous: - This group is conducted every  Saturday  by social worker and patients group.


Per group No. of patients:-                            Total                 Annually.




5)      Psychotherapy: - Individual Psychotherapy Eg : Supporting Psychotherapy Education, Guidance, Counseling, Behaviour therapy, Rationalized Emotive Behaviour therapy.


f)       MEMORY CLINIC :


Two days per week on Tuesday & Friday patients are enrolled & evaluated Till date up to  patients are registered & evaluated.



 The children suffering from Autism are evaluated twice weekly on the Monday & Thursday.

Future Plans- having two units, intensive psychiatric care unit, independent female ward.