Head of Department

Name Dr. Arvind Balkrishna Goregaonkar

Date of birth 5th October 1962

Qualification MS,Orth; D’orth ( MMC Reg No.54119)

Present post Professor & Head, Department of Orthopaedics

LTMMC / LTMGH Sion Mumbai 400022

Recognised teacher for MS (Orth) Mumbai

University , MUHS Nasik

Particulars of qualifications

Degree/  diploma

Date of passing


Name of college/  university

Special  mention







MS (Orth)


Oct 1985



Oct 1987


July 1988










Mumbai University





Mumbai University








1st in Mumbai University


Clinical experience                   25 years  /  more than 5000 spine surgeries


Teaching experience                 23 years







Professor And Head

(MPSC selected)


July 2000  to  date


Unit in charge Orthopaedics


Since Oct 1995


Associate Professor

5 years 8 months

(Oct 1994 –  July 2000)



5 years

(Oct 1989-Oct-1994)



4 years 2 months

(Aug 1985- Oct1989)


Papers presented

(Regional, National & International Conferences)

  1. Role of fibular plating in lower third fracture tibia fibula at same level—WIROC-91 Mumbai
  2. Posterior Decompression Stabilisation & Posterolateral Fusion For D-L Spine Injuries ---WIROC-93 Mumbai
  3. Cervical Spine Injuries---SICOT 94 Mumbai
  4. PLIF ---IOACON 94  Banglore
  5. Decompression for the severe kyphotic & kyphoscoliotic deformity  ---WIROC 95 Mumbai
  6. Dorsolumbar Neuro 0sseous Trauma ¬¬--- National  Neurosurgery Conference 95 Mumbai
  7. Posterior Stabilisation For The Kochs Spine --- IOACON 95 Poona
  8. PLIF for  spondylolysthesis IOACON 95 Poona
  9. Cervical spine injuries  IOACON 95 Poona
  10. Radial shortening for lunatomalacia  IOACON 95 Poona
  11. Endoscopic Surgery –Kochs Spine ---IOACON 98 Jabalpur
  12. Young Surgeons Forum WIROC 98 newer avenues in surgery of Kochs spine
  13. Reconstruction of Unstable  Spine  WIROC       2003
  14. Improved Stability In Unstable Cervical Spine    ASSICON 2003
  15. Proximal Humeral Fractures – Simple Solution For Complex Fractures–WIROC 2003
  16. Role of Spinal Fusion Cages In Interbody Reconstruction. WIROC 2004.
  17. Posterolateral Approach For Interbody Reconstruction Of DL Spine WIROC 2005.

Poster presentation

1.Correction  Of  Severe  Kyphotic  Deformity  At CD Junction In A

   Patient With Ankylosing Spondylitis .

2 Correction Of Scoliosis .

3 Excision Of Dumbel Shaped Hydatid Cyst In Spine .

4 THR In Protrusio – Using Cemented And Uncemented Hip.

5 Management of Bone Defect In TKR

6 Open Vertebroplasty For Hemangioma  


Bilateral Diaphragmatic Palsy Following Anterior Cervical Spinal Surgery --- Bombay Hospital Journal Oct 96 vol. 38  no.4

1.    Posterior Stabilisation For Kochs  Spine    Textbook Of Spinal Surgery 1996, P S Ramani

2.    Disorders Of Sacrum Textbook Of Spinal Surgery 1996, P S Ramani

3.    Lumbosacral Spinal Injuries Textbook Of Spinal Surgery 1996, P S Ramani

4.    Management of Degenerative tears of Tendoachilles by Augmented Repair Using Peroneus Brevis Tendon: Early Results. Malaysian Orthopaedic Journal 2013; 7(1): 19-24.

5.     Predictors of iatrogenic lateral wall fractures while treating intertrochanteric fracture femur with the dynamic hip screw system in Indian patients. Eur J Orthop Surg Traumatol. 2014 Nov 23.

Conferences organised

Organising Secretary --- Western India Regional Orthopaedic Conference (WIROC) 2002 Mumbai


Workshops Organized / Conducted / Faculty

1.    Annual fracture fixation course & workshop since 1993

2.    Spine workshop             IOACON 95 Poona

IOACON 96 Calcutta

IOACON 98 Jabalpur  (Endoscopic Spinal Surgery)

ASSI Annual Spine Workshop

WIROC 98   (Spinal Instrumentation & Endoscopy)

Nanded Orthopaedic Association

Raipur Orthopaedic Association

BOS Spine Course 2002

Pre-Conference Spine Workshop 2002

Spinal Instrumentation Techniques LTMGH BOS ,Oct 2004

Guest Lecture :Current Concepts in Management of Dorso Lumber injuries,  MAOCON  2004 Kolhapur ,Maharashtra.

Kolhapur Orthopaedic  Asso. March 2005

Orissa Orthopaedic  Asso.  Feb 2005

BOS Advance Spine Course 2004-5-6

BOS basic spine course  2014-15

3. Arthroplasty                      Convener - Basic Total Hip Arthroplasty Course Oct 2003

                                                Faculty Bombay Arthroplasty Course

                                                Convener - Basic Total Hip Arthroplasty Course Oct 2004

                                                Faculty Bombay Arthroplasty Course

Basic Arthroplasty Course WIROC 2006




4. Pelvi-acetabular trauma

                                                Workshop Surat Orthopaedic Association


Special interests                 Spinal Surgery

                                                Joint Replacement Surgery

Pelvi acetabular trauma


  • Posterior extensile approach for interbody fusion in unstable DL spine
  • Titanium cages for interbody fusion
  • Decision    making   in  spinal  stenosis
  • Lateral approach for late onset paraplegia
  • PLIF true indications
  • Decompression for severe kyphotic & kyphoscoliotic deformity
  • Extended posterolateral approach for interbody reconstruction 
  • Posterior approach  for ORIF of unstable intertrochanteric  fractures


  • ASSI (Association of spine surgeons of India)
  • Bombay Orthopaedic Society 
  • Maha Orthopaedic Association 
  • Indian Orthopaedic Association