CMEs / Workshops / Academic activities

  • Annual fracture fixation course conducted every year in first week of September 
  • Bombay orthopaedic society ( BOS) Basic spine course 2015 &2016
  • Cadaveric course for MISSICON 2015  (Minimally invasive spine surgery conference)
  • Cadaveric course for BOS minimally invasive spine course 2016
  • Bombay orthopedic society ( BOS) Basic spine course 2016 -  24TH SEP TO 29TH SEP 2016
  • Fracture fixation course 2016 - 7th oct to 9th oct 2016
  • Bombay orthopedic society ( BOS) paediatric cadaver course – 19th  oct 2016

Academic activities - 2017

  • Dr Tambe - Conducted MUHS MBBS Part2 University Practical Exam ( Surgery) from 24 to 28 Jan 2017.
  • Dr Pawaskar – Coordinated MUHS CAP Winter BOTH/BPTH paper correction
  • Guests talk by Dr. Janani from Abbott Labs. was delivered in the monthly Departmental meeting. The topic for the same was “Developing Clinical Leadership”. There were also presentations of interesting cases by the residents. 
  • Dr. Tambe delivered a talk on “Knee Arthroscopy” in Yearly SRS presentation meeting on 13 Feb 2017.
  • Talk in SRS meeting by Dr Aditya Pawaskar on “Shoulder arthroscopy practice at LTMMC” on 13th FEB 20117.
  • Dr. Goregaonkar, Dr. Rathod, Dr. Argekar and Dr. Binoti were invited as Faculty for the PG Teaching Programme conducted at Seth GSMC & KEM Hospital from 24th-26th Feb. 2017.

Presentations/Conferences Attended - 2017

Dr Binoti Sheth:

1.    Presentation on Perthes’ Disease at Bombay Orthopaedic Society Course-‘Hip    Osteotomies in children and adolescents’

2.    Presentation on ‘Clinical evaluation in a case of Cerebral Palsy’ at Bombay Orthopaedic Society  ‘Cerebral Palsy’course


Dr. Goregaonkar, Dr. Kale, Dr. Dhamangaonkar, Dr. Deepak attended: 

1.    Ranawat Orthopedic Conference on 12th- 14th Jan 2017


Dr. Goregaonkar and Dr. Kale attended :

1.    Association of Spine surgeons of India Conference (ASSICON) on 26th-29th January 2017.

2.    Dr. Goregaonkar also chaired a session during the same.


Dr. Tambe attended:

1.    “Delhi Arthroscopy course 2017” On 18,19 Feb 2017conducted at Sports Injury Centre, Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi; as a delegate.


Dr Aditya Pawaskar attended

1.    “Shoulder Conclave, 2017” held between 24-25th Feb,2017 in Pune as a delegate.