Facilities & Infrastructure

The department is well equipped with most of the modern facilities to enable the vast work that is being carried out in the department. There are eight computers with laser printers, installed with the latest software’s. There is also an internet connection, with email and Fax facility, which enables the department to be in touch with the latest information in the field of cardiology, and with other centers round the globe. All the divisions are interconnected with an intercom facility for quick communication and improved patient care. The department has its own overhead projectors in seminar room for effective presentation. There is also a separate departmental library which has most of the important books connected to the various aspects of Cardiology.


Intensive Coronary Care Unit

The Intensive Coronary Care Unit located on 2nd floor is spread over an area of 1000 square feet and has 14 beds.The annual admissions to the ICCU is ~ 2000 per year and consists of patients with Acute Coronary Syndromes, Heart failure, Complex life threatening arrhythmias, Complete Heart Blocks, Pericardial tamponade, Valvular heart disease with Pulmonary edema, Infective endocarditis causing hemodynamic compromise etc. This ICCU also caters to the patients with post catheterization complications.

The ICCU is well equipped with one Senior Registrar and two Junior Doctors working round the clock. 4 out of 12 beds are equipped with multi parameter monitors which continuously monitor the Electrocardiogram, NIBP, Respiratory rate and Oxgen Saturation. Rest of the beds have Electrocardiographic scope monitoring .There is a central monitor which has the facility for recording and storing on-line ECG tracings of the ICCU admitted patients . There are facilities for temporary pacing, Defibrillation, Oxygenation, Invasive hemodynamic monitoring which include monitoring of CVP, Pulmonary capillary wedge pressure, and intra-arterial blood pressure. There are 2 state of the art Vela and Benett Puritan Ventilators and the residents are well trained in Invasive as well non invasive ventilation.


Cardiology Ward 32

Cardiology ward 32 is adjacent to the ICCU which serves as an intermediate care as well as general ward for patients admitted electively for procedures. It has 32 beds.

It caters to the admissions from the OPD, elective patients admitted for cardiac catheterizations and those  transferred after stabilisation from the ICCU. There is one sister in charge for the ward and 2 junior staff Nurses working in shift duties who look after the patients in the ward.

The patient management in the ward is supervised by a senior faculty everyday. The ward also has all the facilities for emergency treatment when required.

Catheterization Laboratory

The department has one Cardiac Catheterization laboratory to provide the state of art medical treatment to the patients. It is a  Philips Machine which is the latest in town providing the best resolution and clarity while doing procedures. It is located close to the ICCU.It is well equipped with all the essential pre-requisites needed for cardiac catheterization and emergency medical care.
The number of catheterizations performed per year is ~ 1900  with all types of diagnostic and therapeutic catheterizations. The procedures performed are coronary angiography and angioplasties, Balloon Mitral/Aortic and Pulmonary Valvotomy, pediatric catheterisations, Permanent pacemaker implantations, peripheral interventions like peripheral angiographies and angioplasty of renal, carotid, subclavian and Iliofemoral vessels.
Device closure of the ASD and PDA has been started in LTMMC Cath lab.

The Catheterization lab is well equipped with doctors and paramedical personnel. There are always three technicians, four servants, one Chief Sister in-charge and two Staff-nurses in the Lab all the time. There are always senior consultant supervising every case in the lab. The lab is functional from 8 AM to 5 PM most of the days. Emergency BMV’s are done irrespective of the hour and has got the best success rate with minimal complication rates comparable with the international standards.
It is a matter of pride for the entire department.
All the interventions are done with a CVTS back up in case of a complication with a very low morbidity and mortality
Cath Lab is equipped with a ACT machine which is performed for all interventional patients.
Fly kill Kits are installed in the cath lab an cath lab is disinfected with a fogger machine twice a week keeping infection rates to the minimum. 
All the patients are given laminated copies of the angiographic pictures and pressure tracings.

Non Invasive Cardiology

·         Echocardiography Department

Department of Cardiology at LTMMC has GE Vivid 3 Sync Master 550B   Color Doppler and 2D Echo machine which is equipped with 3.0and 7.0 MHz probes. The echo lab runs routinely from morning 9 am to 4 pm in the evening six days a week. Appointments are given for elective patients. Emergency Echoes are done round the clock.

Annually 15000-20000 echoes are done.

All echoes are primarily performed by a Senior resident supervised by member from faculty.


·         Other Noninvasive Studies

The other noninvasive studies performed here include Exercise stress testing and Holter Monitoring.

The Stress test system is GE Marquette MAC 5000 machine. There is one technician and a doctor always present during the tests. There are facilities for emergency care in lieu of a complication during the stress testing.

Annually 500-700 stress tests are performed .The procedures are generally uncomplicated.

Department of Cardiology is currently in the process of acquiring SAECG machine and 24 hours Holter Machine.