Research Activities

Research Work

The research activity is carried all year round. There are at least three major research projects going on in the department at any given time. The major research projects are generally carried out by the Research Fellows in the department and are supervised by one of the faculty Members. The other research activities are carried out by the resident doctors. All the doctors registered for their post doctoral degree course in cardiology have to complete one research project as a part of their thesis and publish at least two papers in an Indexed Journal. The other research work is published as in the Indian Heart Journal in the annual CSI conference.

       PAPERS /POSTERS/VIDEO PRESENTATIONS by Cardiology Department

1.    Oral Presentation In CSI 2015 : Evaluation of atrial morphology by cardiac MRI in post BMV patients with atrial fibrillation vs controls with normal sinus rhythm, - Dr. Prashant Pawar


2.    Poster Presentation in CSI-2015 : The Study of spectrum ofarrhythmias & its Imaging findings in granulomatous cardiomyopathy-Dr. Bhute V,Kinare A, Lokhandwala Y, Nathani, Mahajan A,  CSI-2015


3.    Poster: Study of Left Ventricular Diastolic function following percutaneous coronary intervention for left anterior descending coronary artery disease in patients with normal left ventricular systolic function. Shaikh z, Patil g, Gavade s, khedkar u, Mahajan A, Nathani P, Lokhandwala Y CSI-2015


4.    Paper presentation on Predictors and prevalence of ventriculo atrial conduction in structurally normal heart. Patil G, Shaikh z, Lokhandwala Y, Mahajan A, Nathani P, mankeshwar R CSI-2015


5.    Poster presentation in CSI 2105 - " Effect of RV lead placement on tricuspid valve and right ventricular function- DR. UmeshKhedkar


6.    Poster presentation in CSI 2105 -Study of association of neutrophil lymhocyte ratio with prognosis in patients with acute coronary syndrome. Dr. Sachin Gavade


7.    Poster presentation in CSI 2105 -Is atrial fibrillation an independant predictor of prosthetic heart valve thrombosis? – Dr. Sachin Gavade


8.    A study of prehospital delay patterns in Acute Myocardial Infarction in an urban tertiary care Institute in Mumbai- Dr. Ashar Khan, Dr. Milind Phadke, Dr. Yash Lokhandwala, Dr. Pratap J. Nathani  is accepted for as a article in JAPI