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Dr. Shubha Mohite (Ex. HOD )
Dr. Amla Kudalkar
Dr. Naina Dalvi

Comparision of Premixed Lignocaine-Propofol Vs Propofol emulsion for short surgical Procedures(2009)

Bharat Serum Laboratories (India)

Dr. Shubha Mohite (Ex. HOD )
Dr. Naina Dalvi

Dexmedetomidine Vs Propofol for post operative ICU Sedation(2009)

Themis Laborotories (India)

Dr. Manju Gandhi
Dr. Hemangi Karnik
Dr. Jyoti Magar

A Phase III Multicentric prospective open randomized, comparative study of Efficacy, Safety & Recovery Characteristics of Dexmedetomidine Vs Propofol as an analgesia & Sedative agents when used for post – operative ICU sedation 2008-2009

Macleods Laboratory