Awards / Accreditations / Fellowships

Departmental achievements

 “A Practical Approach To Anaesthesia For Emergency Surgery” was published in 2011. This was written by all the faculty members of the Department of Anaesthesiology.

 Editors: Dr. M.N.Gandhi, Dr. A.D.Malde, Dr. A.G.Kudalkar, Dr. H.S.Karnik. Publisher Jaypee Medical Publishers Limited. Published from New Delhi, Mumbai, Panama City, London, Year 2011


Awards and Prizes for year 2014- 2015



Name of the teacher/student


Name of the Award

State/National/ International



Dr. Debsmita Dash and Dr. Anila D Malde

Anaesthetic challenges for Thoracoscpic CDH repair in infants: a series of eight patients”

Best poster prize

 6th National Conference of Paediatric Anaesthesia 2014.

Hotel Cidade de Goa, Goa


” Dr. Rakesh Kumara and Dr. Anila D Malde, Dr. Deepali Thakur, Dr. Smita Gaikwad, Dr. Bharati Tendolkar

Difficult intubation in a child with undiagnosed Klippel Fail Syndrome managed with supraglottic device

Best Case Presentation Prize

 “National Airway Conference 2014 jointly organized by Tata Memorial Centre & AIIDAA, Nov 2014.

Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai


Dr. Nazmeen Sayyed, Dr. Naina Dalvi, Dr. Bharati Tendolkar

‘Anaesthesia for percutaneous device closure of CHD- our experience”

1st Prize

IACTA conference,



Dr. Mayuresh Patil


1st Prize

 “National Airway Conference 2014 jointly organized by Tata Memorial Centre & AIIDAA, Nov 2014.

Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai


Tanushree Srivastava, Hemangi karnik, Bharati Tendolkar

Comparison of Sevoflurane and Desflurane on recovery characteristics and postoperative cognitive function in neurosurgical patients.

First Prize in Research Paper category

National conference of RSACP

Dehradun, India November 2014


Dr Devendra Thakare

Dr Anila Malde

Successful anaesthetic management for separation of six days old omphalopagus conjoined twins

Third prize in Ish Narani Memorial poster presentation

63rd annual national conference




December 2015

Future Activities Proposed

1.    Starting various fellowship programs

2.    Strengthening research activity

3.    Conducting regular workshops on airway management, CPCR, regional anaesthesia etc

4.    Increasing the intake capacity of post graduate seats

BSc PMT OT Technician 3rd year:- 100% result

BSc PMT OT Technician 3rd year:- 100% result

Ms. Huda Vora topped in Mumbai

Poster Presentations by Students on 30th September in  Annual  conference of indian college of anaesthesiologist (ICACON)  2018 at K. E. M. Hospital

Ø  Anaesthetic management of endoscopic thyroidectomy, by Dr Vaibhav Deshpande, Dr Kanchan Rupwate, Dr Arjun Pirkad


-       Got 1st  Prize


Ø  Cardiopulmonary bypass surgery - cold alert!, by Dr Shilpa durge, Dr Nazmeen sayyed, Dr Shakuntala Basantwani


-       Got 2ND Prize

Ø  One lung ventilation using Coopdeck endo bronchial blocker - a case report Dr ashwini sontakke, Dr Shakuntala Basantwani, Dr Nazmeen sayyed


-       Got 2ND Prize


Ø  Anaesthesia  management of Submitral Aneurysm of left ventricle, by Dr jinal Manek, Dr Shakuntala Basantwani, Dr Surita Madhyan


Ø  Combined Spinal Epidural anaesthesia in patient with severe kyphoscoliosis posted for TURP (Transurethral Resection of Prostate), by Dr Saloni Sharma, Dr Geeta Patkar, Dr Urvi Desai, Dr Shailendra modak


Ø  Anaesthetic management in ASD closure in post pneumonectomy patient by Dr Sneha Pawaskar, Dr Dhawal wadaskar


Ø  Intraoperative knock of unknown guest, By Dr Vibha Sahu, Dr Nazmeen sayyed


Ø  Management of Ventricular storm with thoracic epidural anaesthesia (TEA), by Dr Richa bathia, Dr Shakuntala Basantwani


Ø  Anaesthesia for fracture femur in pregnant female with ASDwith hearing and speech impairment  By Dr Anjali shoukeen, Dr. Deepali Thakur, Dr. Smita Gaikwad, Dr. Shital Pakhale


Ø  Anaesthesia management of bilateral pulmonary hydatid cyst in paediatric patient with ARNDT blocker, by Dr Nivedita dhankute, Dr Shakuntala Basantwani, Dr Dhawal wadaskar


Ø  Trans-catheter Aortic valve implantation, by Dr Mayank Rastogi, by Dr Shakuntala


Ø  Anaesthetic management for LSCS in parturients with cardiac disease: Neuraxial or general anaesthesia?- a series of six cases

Dr Protyusha adhikari, Dr Preeti Rustogi, Dr Jyoti Magar.


Guest Lecture by Dr Neeta Saraiya on Neonatal emergencies

  1. Anaesthetic management of cut throat injury: A case series of Three patients.
  •  Dr Tushar Chopawar, Dr Manish Kotwani.

Received first prize for poster presentation at AIIMS ANAESTHESIOLOGY PG ASSEMBLY 2018 on 20th Oct 2018

  1. Anaesthetic management of a patient with severe thoracolumbar kyphosis for deformity correction.
  • Jerrys Sungte, Dr Manish Kotwani, Dr Smita Lele, Dr Anila Malde.

Received 3rd prize for poster presentation at AIIMS ANAESTHESIOLOGY PG ASSEMBLY 2018 on 20th Oct 2018

Awards for the year 2017-2018 


Presenting author: Dr. AnilaMalde, Coauthor: Dr. Ameya A. Ghude

Speciality: Paediatric& Neonatal anaesthesia including neonatal intensive care for “High concentration versus incremental induction of anaesthesia with sevoflurane in children: A study of induction time, complications and cost effectiveness.” at

KOP’s Award

ISACON 2017 National Conference of Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists at Kolkata.



Dr. Bhavika Singla, Dr. AnilaMalde

Evaluation of injection pain with MCT-LCT and LCT propofol in children. In. Paper won third prize.

3rd prize

paper presentation competition by ISA Mumbai branch on 28-07-2017

GSMC & KEMH, Mumbai, India


Dr. Bhuvaneshwari

B., Dr. Anila Malde

An observasional study of total IV anaesthesia regimens in MRI studies in children

1st prize

SRS, 2018

L.T.M.M.C & L.T.M.G.H.


Dr. Nazmeen Sayed, Dr. Shakuntala B

Cardiopulmonary bypass surgery – Cold alert

1st prize

SRS, 2018