Research activities

Post-graduate (M.S. degree) students complete their thesis work as an research activity.

Presently following P.G. students are doing their research work.

Dr.Asif Virani :-
Management & treatment outcome of traumatic  cataract in school going children (5 -16 years)

Dr.Neha Gadaria :- Role of amniotic membrane transplant in the management of ocular surface disorders.

Dr.Swapna Nekhlikar :- Visual outcome in combined cataract with trabeculectomy

Dr.Vishnur Ghonsikar :- Posterior segment manifestation in HIV patients.

Dr.Roshni Shetty :- Outcomes of therapeutic penetrating keratoplasty in the management of perforated corneal ulcer.

Dr.Pooja Jain :- Intravenous methyl prednisolone as first line therapy in optic neuritis.