CMEs / Workshops / Academic activities


Oral and Poster Paper presentation (September to November 2021)

Mapcon (24-26 September 2021): Intramedullary spinal ependymoma with signet ring/adipocytic morphology- a rare case report(poster) presented by Dr Lalhmingmawii Renthlei

Cytocon(19-21 Novemeber 2021): Metastatic Follicular carcinoma presenting as chest swelling(poster)- By Dr Lalhmingmawii Renthlei

MAPCON 2021 September(24-26): Synchronous clear cell renal carcinoma and bilateral invasive duct carcinoma breast-rare association-Poster-Dr Shreya Badhe

Mapcon 2021 September(24-26): poster- Basaloid squamous cell carcinoma of conjunctiva: A rare case report By Dr Yogeshwari Mane

Mapcon 2021 Sept presented on 20 Sept 2021: Poster- Squamous cell carcinoma arising from remnant of mullerian duct with 47 XYY Karyotype - rare case. By Dr Ashvini kadam

Primary Heterotopic Mesenteric Ossification : An Unusal Case Report -Poster in Mapcon 2021 by Dr Renuka Kulkarni

 Application of Proposed Sydney system in lymph node cytopathology in a tertiary care centre - *Paper* in Cytocon 2021 on20th November by Dr Renuka Kulkarni

Paper in Cytocon 2021 - Application of the milan system for reporting salivary gland cytopathology in a tertiary care hospital : 3 yr study by Dr Priya Salve

Apcon 2021-1-5 December: Poster-Cytology Diagnosis of NLPHL Diagnostic Difficulty by Dr Shailaja puri

Apcon 2021-1-5 December: Cytology of metastasis of lung scc to brain in young male- rare presentation – poster in Cytocon 2021

November 20 2021 by Dr Chitra khandare

Calvarial tuberculosis- An unusual cytological case report- poster by Dr Shital Mahure at Conference- Cytocon2021 on 20 November 21

February 2020

CME /Academic activity:

A) Senior Surgical Meeting: 27th Feb 2020.

Meeting of surgical Pathologists from all over Mumbai was organised by Dept of Pathology on 27thFeb 2020.

Surgical pathology cases of different subspecialities such as Neuropathology, GI pathology, Soft tissue, Renal Pathology etc. were discussed by various participating institutes.

All cases were well appreciated and it was also excellent learning session for Post graduate students.

B) NABL IA & QMS Training Program (4 days) as per 15189 and NABL 112- Accredited by NABET & QCI: 12 Feb to 15 Feb

Sessions attended by 50 delegates including faculty, post MD students, technicians from various colleges and hospitals.

August & September 2019


1) CME /Academic activity


A] Department of Pathology had organised "TPC "(Teaching Pathologists & Microbiologists Conference) on 23rd August 2019 in Pathology lecture Hall. It was attended by postgraduate MD Pathology residents from all teaching colleges from Mumbai.


B] Dr Gadgil Oration lecture was delivered by Dr Charu Pamnani, Assist. Vice President, Reliance Industries Ltd., Sir H N Reliance Foundation Hospital.

Topic- Accreditation-Benefits and requirements.


C] Pathology and Microbilogy Quiz for PG students was held with question and answer sessions.

Papers presented as follows:

1. Analysis of Gastric Polyps - Dr Kshitija Kale

2. Use of Google maps for geographical distributions of malaria, leptospirosis & dengue cases in city of Mumbai.- Dr Shripad Taklikar.


D] Guest lecture

Guest Lecture for Postgraduate students was taken on 27th Aug 2019 by 

Dr Nikhil Sagale , Consultant pathologist, Canada

Topic- “Diagnostic pathology workup on common soft tissue tumours” 

February 2019

A)   MACyCON 2019:  2nd & 3rd February 2019

MACyCON 2019 i.e. Second Annual Conference & Workshop of Association of Cytologists of Maharashtra (ACM) was held at Department of Pathology, LTMMC & LTMGH, Sion, Mumbai on 2nd & 3rd February 2019 by organizing chairperson Dr. Leena P. Naik (Prof & Head, Dept of Pathology). It was a grand success with around 189 delegates registered for this cytology conference.

The first Dr Shobha Grover Oration, given by the renowned international faculty Dr Dina Mody, Houston, USA was well appreciated. This two day educational activity included diadactic lectures, slide seminars and postgraduate quiz from eminent cytopathologists. The two parallel workshops with slide viewing sessions were very much appreciated by the delegates with high recommendation for similar sessions in the future conferences. There was a very good response from academic institutions from all over Maharashtra with entry of 12 papers and 15 posters for competitive presentation. All the delegates recommended such a focused conference in future.

B)   Senior surgical meeting: 21st Feb 2019.

Meeting of surgical Pathologists from all over Mumbai was organised by Dept of Pathology on 21st Feb 2019. Surgical pathology cases of different subspecialities such as Neuropathology, GI pathology, Soft tissue, Renal Pathology etc. were discussed by various participating institutes. All cases were well appreciated and it was also excellent learning session for Post graduate students. 




Date &Venue


CME in Blood Bank – 2013




CME in Hematology- 2014


17/01/2014 , LTMMC


Senior surgical Pathology meet


20/02/2014, LTMMC


Teaching Pathology Conference


23/08/2014, LTMMC


Senior surgical Pathology meet


19/02/2015, LTMMC


Teaching Pathology Conference


22/08/2015, LTMMC


Senior surgical Pathology meet


25/02/2016, LTMMC


Teaching Pathology Conference


19/08/2016, LTMMC

Papers Presented by Department


Title of the paper

Authors &Underline the Presenters name

Conference Name &Place


Utility of Hematological Parameters in Early Diagnosis of Neonatal Sepsis

Dr Shailesh Vartak,                Dr Gaurav Agarwal,           Dr A.D.Kalgutkar


Teaching Pathology Conference



A Study Of Lung Pathology In Pediatrics Autopsies: An 8 YearStudy

Dr.Majethia Nikhil K, Dr.Manisha Khare,

Dr.Saloni Karwa,

Dr.Alka Kalgutkar

Mapcon 2014, Nashik


Utility of Haematological Parameters in Early Diagnosis of Neonatal Correlation

Dr.Gaurav Agarwal,

Dr.Shailesh Vartak, Dr.A.D.Kalgutkar

TPC-2014, Mumbai


Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology(Fnac) Findings In Cases Of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis - A One Year Study

Dr. Priyanka S. Katke,    Dr. Sonali Saraf,           Dr. Nitin M. Gadgil,     Dr. A. D. Kalgutkar

Mapcon 2014, Nashik


HIV Surveillance Of Blood Donors- 5 Year Study

Dr.Ranbeer Singh,        

Dr Urmi Vartak,  

Dr.A.D. Kalgutkar

Mapcon 2014, Nashik


Clinico-Hematological Analysis Of Pancytopenia In Tertiary Care Hospital

Dr Vandana Dahake,  

Dr Sangita Goyal,    

 Dr Nitin Gadgil,            Dr M. V. Patil,            

Dr A. D. Kalgutkar.

Mapcon 2014, Nashik


Acute  Myeloid   Leukemia  With  Erythroid Predominance- A Case Report

Dr Pankti Haria,          

Dr Sangita Margam,      Dr N M Gadgil ,         

 Dr A D Kalgutkar

Mapcon 2014, Nashik


HypophysitisMasquerading As Pituitary Adenoma - A Case Report.

Dr.Ashwini Ghodke, Dr.Madhu Chaturvedi,

Dr.Nitin Gadgil,

Dr.Alka Kalgutkar, Dr.Nitin Kotecha

Mapcon 2014, Nashik


Clinico Pathological Corelation Of Congenital Central Nervous System  Malformations

Dr Felice Faizal,            Dr Padmaja Korti, Dr.A.D.Kalgutkar

APCON 2014, Pune


Progressive Craniofacial Abnormality In A Case Of Congenital Neurofibromatosis

Dr.Shruti Chandarkar, Dr.Chetan Chaudhari,Dr.Manisha Khare, Dr.A.D.Kalgutkar

APCON 2014, Pune




Pleomorphic Sarcoma Causing Rupture Of Urinary Bladder In A Young Female, An Uncommon Presentation- An Autopsy Case Report

Dr.Rashmi Pardhi,,Dr.Anitha Padmanabhan, Dr.Shailesh Vartak,    

Dr Manisha Khare, Dr.A.D.Kalgutkar

APCON 2014, Pune


Lipoblastoma :A Rare Pediatric Tumor

Dr KhushabooMutha,   Dr Manisha Khare.     

 Dr Alka D Kalgutkar

APCON 2014, Pune


Adenomyoepithelioma Of Breast: Cytological Dilemma


Dr Sheetal Yadav,          Dr Ganesh Kshirsagar,       Dr Nitin Gadgil,            Dr Shailesh Vartak,   

Dr Alka Kalgutkar.

APCON 2014, Pune


Medullomyoblastoma: A rare entity with diagnostic dilemma

Dr. Sayali Shinde

APCON-2015, Kerela


Cytohistological correlation of paediatric extragonadal germ cell tumors

Dr. Priya Kulkarni

APCON-2015, Kerela


Cytohistological correlation of salivary gland neoplasms

Dr. Nitika Vashisht

APCON-2015, Kerala


Progressive dyspnoea  in a 17 yr old female caused by thymolipoma

Dr. Snehalkumar  


APCON-2015, Kerala


Case report of primitive neuroectodermal tumor of spinal cord (primary ewings sarcoma)

Dr. Mohit Aundhekar

APCON-2015, Kerala


 A silver haired boy with hemophagocvtic lymphohistiocytosis : case report of Griselli syndrome

Dr. Minakshi

Mapcon, 2016


Liver pathology in pregnancy


Mapcon, 2016


Rare entity of soft tissue sarcoma , diagnosis of exclusion :

Dr. Waseem

Mapcon, 2016


      Topic on FNAC


Mapcon, 2016


Lesions of spinal cord and its coverings

Dr.Unzer Khan

Dr. N.M.Gadgil

TPC, 2016


Renal Pathology in sickle cell disease

Dr.Rashmi Yawalkar

Dr. Anitha Padmanabhan



Complete androgen insensitivity syndrome

Dr. Gaurang Hukkerikar

Dr. Anitha Padmanabhan



Lymphangitis carcinomatosa

Dr. Gagan Pratap Singh

Dr. Sonali Saraf



Mitotically acince Angiomyofibr oblastoma

Dr. Rucha Kanhe

Dr. Sonali Saraf