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Hematological Profile in Malaria, Dr Pushkar Admane, MAPCON 2010

Sudden Adult death syndrome – A clinicopathological correlation, Dr Meera Satoskar, MAPCON 2010

Therapy related Myelodysplastic syndrome, Dr Smita Sonawane, MAPCON 2010

Disseminated Histoplasmosis, Dr Sheela Pagare, MAPCON 2010

Autopsy study of Liver Pathology, Dr Ujwal Rathod, TPC 2010

Renal biopsies in Pediatric nephritic syndrome , Dr Anitha Padmanabhan, TPC 2010

Pediatric Renal Tumors, Dr Shailender Kaur, APCON 2009

Spectrum of lesions in resected lung specimens, Dr Pushkar Admane, APCON 2009.

A case of Lipoleiomyoma, Dr Trupti Meshram, APCON 2009.

Xanthomatouus Meningioma, a rare variant. Dr Ritesh Kharche, APCON 2009.