Special Activity

Departmental activities over last year :

I) Special Activities:

  • Dr. Jayant V.Khandekar and Dr.Uday E.Jadhav performed cardiac camp in Nagpur in February,2009.
  • Dr.Sajid S., Dr.Akshay K.attended cardiac camp in May2009 at Bidada in Gujrat.
  • Dr.ManishP,Dr.AkshayK.attended cardiac camp at Bidada in Gujrat in December 2009.
  • Dr.Sajid S., Dr. Debasis attended cardiac camp at Balaghat , Madhya Pradesh in December 2009.
  • Free INR facility for all postoperative Valvular heart surgery patients in dept. CVTS on OPD days.
  • Portable acoustic Doppler.

II) Proposed Activities :

  • Study of changes in biochemical markers in patients of mitral valve disease with atrial fibrillation undergoing surgeries.
  • Association of I/D (rs 4340) polymorphism with coronary artery disease in a mixed population of Mumbai.