Central Sterilisation Services Department

Exclusive or with substerilisation centres also  :-

  • Exclusive.

Equipment scope and inservice arrangement   :-

  • Sufficient to provide required
  • service with Three Bulk
  • High Pressure Steam 
  • Sterilizers.
  • One Bulk E.T.O. Sterilizer.

Volume of work /day:- 

  • By steam sterilization :-

- 50 No of Drums approx,
- 45 No of Trays approx., 40 No of Bundles approx,  20 No of Bottles  approx.

  • By Gas Sterilisation :-

- Small size packs:- 20-30 Nos.approx., Big Size packs :- 5-6 approx.

  • Sterile Distilled Water : -

- For Hospital use as per the requirement 500Bott. per month and distilled water  500 Litres in Bulk per month manufactured and supplied to the hospital.

  • Supervision of Medical Store  : -

- Daily approval of the Drugs Purchased by Medical Store of the Hospitals is done by registered Pharmacist and Supervised drug storage and distribution.   Issues of local F.D.A. pertaining to Medical Store are handled by registered pharmacist. 

  • Occasional Training  : -

- Occasional training to Graduate and Diploma Pharmacy students and Hospital Management Students is given by Pharmacy Dept. under the expert guidance of Incharge of Pharmacy.

  • Drug Information  : -

- Various drug information like Manufacturer’s their addresses , price, specifications, packing, document requirements etc. are studied and  produced in the Medicine Tender Committee Meetings for the procurement of drugs and medicines for M.C.G.M.