Publications in Journals. Year 2018-19.

1.     Prakash Pawar, Sunil Patil, Ashwin Tamhankar, Vijay Kulkarni, Abhishek Savalia, Neel Shah, Swaroop Subbaraya.An Audit of Andrological Needs in Traumatic Paraplegic Male Patients: Five Year Assessment in a Single Paraplegic Centre.Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research. 2019 Dec, Vol-13(12): PC01-PC05   OA.

2.     VISPUTE BR, PAWAR PW, SAWANT AS, ARORA AM, KASAT GV, TAMHANKAR AS. Injury Severity Score as a Predictor for Requirement of Surgical Exploration in High Grade Renal Trauma. Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research. 2019 Apr 1;13(4).   OA.

3.     Arora AM, Pawar PW, Tamhankar AS, Sawant AS, Mundhe ST, Patil SR. Predictors for severe hemorrhage requiring angioembolization post percutaneous nephrolithotomy: A single-center experience over 3 years. Urology Annals. 2019 Apr;11(2):180-186.   OA.

4.     Ahmed MHS, Pawar PW, Sawant AS, Sakharani J, Arora A, Patil SR, et al. Foreign body in urinary bladder: our experience and review of literature. Int Surg J 2019; 6:4327-31.  OA


Publications in Journals. Year 2017-18.

Sawant AS, Savalia AJ, NARWADE S, TAMHANKAR AS, MUNDHE ST, PAWAR PW, PATIL SR, KASAT GV. An Audit of Urethroplasty Techniques used for Managing Anterior Urethral Strictures at a Tertiary Care Teaching Institute-What We Learned. Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research. 2018 Feb 1;12(2)



Publications in Journals. Year 2016-17.

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7.     Savalia AJ, Pawar PW, Sawant AS, Tamhankar A, Patil SR, Kasat G. Our experience with progressive perineal urethroplasty and anastomotic urethroplasty in post-traumatic urethral strictures in pediatric patients. International Surgery Journal. 2017 Jan 25;4(2):491-5.  OA

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9.     Patil SR, Pawar PW, Sawant AS, Savalia AJ, Tamhankar AS. Wunderlich Syndrome due to Ruptured Pseudoaneurysm of Angiomyolipoma in First Trimester: A Rare Case Report. Journal of clinical and diagnostic research: JCDR. 2017 Jun;11(6):PD16  CR

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Publications in Journals. Year 2015-16.

1.     Sawant A, Tamhankar AS, Pawar P, Kasat GV, Kapadnis L. Large dumbbell shaped vesicovaginal calculus managed with holmium laser cystolithotripsy followed by staged repair of vesicovaginal fistula. Journal of clinical and diagnostic research: JCDR. 2016 Sep;10(9):PD23.

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3.     Reconstruction of  Female Urethra with Tubularized Anterior Vaginal Flap   Dr.Ajit Sawant1, Dr Gaurav Vinod Kasat,Dr. Vikash Kumar,Dr, Prakash Pawar Dr Ashwin Tamhankar ,Dr Sumit Bansal , Dr  Lomesh Kapadnis, Dr Abhishek Savalia.

4.     “Spiral-Cap” ileocystoplasty for bladder augmentation and ureteric reimplant Ajit Sawant, Ashwin Sunil Tamhankar, Vikash Kumar, W. Pawar Prakash, V. Kasat Gaurav, Sumit Bansal

5.     Cyanoacrylate injection in management of recurrent vesicovaginal fistula: Our experience Ajit S. Sawant, Gaurav Vinod Kasat, Vikash Kumar

6.     Vesicovaginal fistula presenting as a large abdominal pseudocyst: A rare case. Gaurav Vinod Kasat, Prakash W. Pawar, Ajit S. Sawant, Ashwin S. Tamhankar

7.     A rare case of extra-adrenal pheochromocytoma arising from urinary bladder wall managed with partial cystectomy with ureteric re-implant in multidisciplinary approach. Ashwin Sunil Tamhankar, Ajit Sawant, Vikash Kumar, Prakash Pawar, Gaurav Kasat, Lomesh Kapadnis, Sumit Bansal, Abhishek Savaliya,

8.     Spontaneous large renal pelvis hematoma in ureteropelvic junction obstruction presenting as an acute abdomen: Rare case report. Dr.Ajit Sawant,Dr. Gaurav Kasat,Dr. Prakash Pawar,Dr. Ashwin Tamhankar

9.     Endoscopic removal of intrauterine contraceptive device embedded into detrusor muscle of urinary bladder: our experience of two cases. Dr.Ajit Sawant, Dr.Gaurav V. Kasat, Dr.Vikash Kumar, Dr.PrakashPawar, Dr.AshwinTamhankar, Dr.LomeshKapadnis.

10.  Urinary ascites from spontaneous bladder perforation in female neonate. Dr.Ankur Arya, Dr.Vikash Kumar, Dr.PrakashPawar, Dr.AshwinTamhankar

11.  Early metastasis to anterior abdominal wall following radical cystectomy: A rare presentation. Ajit Sawant, Sumit Bansal, Prakash Pawar, and Gaurav Kasat

12.  Primary Retrovesical Hydatid Cyst causing Acute Urinary Retention in a  Young Patient : A Rare Presentation. Dr. Lomesh A. Kapadnis . Dr. Vikash Kumar. Dr. Ajit S. Sawant. Dr. Gaurav V. Kasat. Dr. Ashwin S. Tamhankar

13.  Spontaneous Bladder Rupture with Delayed Diagnosis- A challenge to Manage. Ajit Sawant, Prakash Pawar, Abhishek Savalia, Sunil Patil, Ashwin Tamhankar

14.  A Rare Case of an Adult with Untreated Bladder Exstrophy Presenting with Signet-Ring Cell Adenocarcinoma of Bladder. Vikash Kumar, Abhishek J. Savalia, Gaurav Kasat, Ajit Sawant. 

15.  Penile constriction injury: An experience of four cases. Ajit Somaji Sawant, Sunil Raghunath Patil, Vikash Kumar, Gaurav Vinod Kasat.


Publications in Journals. Year 2014.

·         “Successful revascularization following dealayed presentation of bilateral renal artery thrombosis after blunt abdominal trauma” Trauma journal, uk, Volume. 16,issue 2, april 2014 page 129 -134

Dr.Ajit Sawant,Dr. Vikash Kumar,  Dr.Sagar Bhalerao


Publications in Year 2010

1.    Duplication of urethra: review of three cases. Dhabalia jv, Kumar v, Nelivigign ,Gokhale a.

Scand j urolnephrol. 2010 may 15. [epub ahead of print]. Pmid: 20470191,Index. 

2.    Refractory post visual internal urethrotomy bleeding managed by angioembolisation. Dr.J.Dhabalia,Dr.V.Kumar

Indian j radiol imaging 2010; 20(1) : 37-38,Index.

3.    Silver nitrate sclerotherapy for chyluria- evaluation of optimum instillation regime. Dr.J.Dhabalia,Dr.V.Kumar

Urologiainternationallis.Urol int. 2010,Index.

4.    Subcapsular renal hematoma after ureterorenoscopy: An unknown complication of a known procedure. Bansal U, Sawant A, Dhabalia J


Publications in Year 2009

1.    A rare case of synovial sarcoma of The prostate. Dr.J.Dhabalia,Dr.V.Kumar

African journal of urology 2009 vol.3,page-15,Index.

2.    Congenital urethrovaginal fistula with imperforate hymen:a first case report. Dr.J.Dhabalia,Dr.V.Kumar

Journal obstect.&gynec.can 2009;31(7):652-653,Index. 

3.    Age,gender& voided volume dependency of peak urinary flow rate &uroflometry nomogram in the indian population. Dr.J.Dhabalia,Dr.V.Kumar

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4.    Suprapubic cystostomy using optical urethrotome in female patients. Sawant as, patwardhansk, attar mi, varma r, bansal u

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Publications in Year 2008

1.    Simultaneous bladder and vaginal reconstruction using ileum in complicated vesicovaginal fistula. Patwardhansk, sawant a, ismail m, nagabhushana m, varmarr.

indian j urol. 2008 jul;24(3):348-51,Index.

2.    Shirodkar sling presenting as pyonephrosis-urological dilemma? Dr. S. Patwardhan, Dr. A. Sawant.

Malaysian journal of gynec.&obst,Index.

3.    Shah's Indian penile prosthesis placement after phallic reconstruction with radial forearm flap. Patwardhan SK, Shah R, Kulkarni V, Varma RR.

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Publications in Year 2007

1.    Chronic urinary retention in eunuchs. Patwardhan S, Sawant A, Nagabhushana M, Varma R, Ismail M.

Indian J Urol. 2007 Jul;23(3):317-8,Index.

2.    An unusual complication of silver nitrate therapy for chyluria. Dhabalia JV, Nelivigi GG, Suryavanshi M, Kakkattil S, Singh VK.

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Publications in Year 1999

1.    Primary adenocarcinoma of the urinary bladder: a study of 6 cases from the pathologist's point of view. Ranadive NU, Trivedi VD, Gadgil NM.

Arch Esp Urol. 1999 Oct;52(8):906-11,Index.