Research Activities

Research Activities over last 5 years

Dr Neha Kadhe

1.      Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Pharmacovigilance among medical professionals at a tertiary care hospital in Mumbai.

2.      Prospective Observational Study to evaluate the pattern of potential drug interactions in an Intensive Cardiac Care and Cardiac Ward set up of a Tertiary Care hospital

3.      Evaluation of haematological adverse drug reactions reported to a tertiary care hospital

4.      Knowledge, attitude and practice towards antibiotic use among the support staff of a tertiary care teaching hospital. (IEC /31/16)

5.      Knowledge Attitudes and Practice of  Pharmacovigilance among General Practitioners in Mumbai (IEC /30/16)

6.      A Retrospective Observational Study: To Evaluate The Adverse Drug Reactions Spontaneously Reported In A Tertiary Care Hospital. .(IEC NO. IEC/43/16)

Dr. Sharmada Nerlekar.

1. Organ Donation: Awareness, Attitudes & Beliefs amongst people in Mumbai. IEC NO- IEC/64/16.

2.Retrospective study of link between vitiligo & subclinical/frank hypothyroidism. IEC NO- IEC/5/13.

3. A study to compare efficacy and safety of Atomoxetine versus methylphenidate in children & adolescents with ADHD. IEC NO- IEC/D20114022.

4. Study of prevalence of subclinical hypothyroidism in menstrual irregularity cases in the Thyroid OPD of a tertiary care hospital. IEC NO- IEC/28/12.

5. A study of prescribing patterns of drugs for Acne vulgaris in Dermatology OPD Of a Tertiary care teaching hospital. IEC NO- IEC/DISS61.

Dr. Smita Mali

1.      Evaluation of rationality of promotional drug literature using World Health Organization guidelines. Indian J pharmacol Oct 2010;42(5):267-72.

2.      Comparison of safety, efficacy and cost effectiveness of benzyl benzoate, permethrin and ivermectin in patients of scabies. Indian J pharmacol Feb 2009;41(1):9-14.

3.      Evaluation of anti-ulcer effect of amlodipine in gastric ulcer models in rats. Indian J pharmacol Jun 2012;44(3):387-9.

4.      Analysis of appropriateness of thyroid function test ordering in tertiary care hospital. IEC/38/16

5.      Comparison of extent of awarenesss about rational use of medicines among fresh MBBS graduates from private and government medical colleges - a multicentric study. IEC/06/16.

 Dr. Swati Patil

1.  Study of Adverse Drug Reactions with use of Antiretroviral Drugs in Immunocompromised Patients.

2.   A Retrospective Observational Study: To Evaluate The Adverse Drug Reactions Spontaneously Reported In A Tertiary Care Hospital.

Dr Jaisen Lokhande

In-vitro study to evaluate the effect of known antimicrobial agents and other drugs on various types of cancer cell lines