List of Publications


1)      Intra-operative Frontal Glow as a Parameter to Predict a Successful Outcome of Frontal Sinus Surgery.

Kshitij D Shah, Renuka A Bradoo, Anagha A Joshi, Varsha D Takpire.

Bombay Hospital Journal, Vol. 51, No. 2, 2009.


2)      Brown Tumour of the Maxilla – A Manifestation of Primary Hyperparathyroidism.

Renuka A Bradoo, Kshitij D Shah, Kiran P Kalel, Shalaka S Shewale.

Bombay Hospital Journal, Vol. 51No. 2, 2009.




1)      Oral Entomophthoramycosis: A Rare Fungal Infection.

KD Shah, RA Bradoo, UV Warwantkar, AA Joshi.

Bombay Hospital Journal, Vol.52, No.1, 2010.


2)      Radiological correlation between the anterior ethmoidal artery and the supraorbital ethmoid cell.

Anagha A. Joshi, Kshitij D. Shah and Renuka A. Bradoo.

Indian Journal of Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery (July–September 2010) 62(3) (Rhinology):299–303.


3)  Management of laryngotracheal stenosis - a five year audit.

S.S. Shewale, K.D. Shah, A.A.Joshi, R.A.Bradoo.

Gujarat Journal of Otorhinolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery, Vol. 7, No. 1, June-July - 2010.


3)      Intra tympanic dexamethasone in refractory cases of idiopathic sudden sensorienural hearing loss

Anagha Joshi, R.A.Bradoo, Shalakashevale.

The Journal Of Bombay Hospital, 2010




1) The importance of mucosa in determining the outcome of frontal sinus recess surgery-A prospective study.

K.D.Shah, R.A.Bradoo, A.A.Joshi, R.M.Modi.

 Otorhinolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery, Vol. 8 No. 2, August 2011.







3)      Comparison of Endoscopic-Assisted Adenoidectomy with Conventional Method


Renuka A Bradoo, Rahul R Modi, Anagha A Joshi, VikasWahane


Clinical Rhinology: An International Journal, May-August 2011;4(2):75-78



4)      Effectiveness of voice therapy in Unilateral Vocal Cord Palsy


Joshi, R. Bradoo, M. Jani, B. Shah.


Accepted for publication in Bombay Hospital Journal in Dec.2011.



5)      Extranodal NK/T cell lymphoma presenting as palatal perforation with oronasal fistula.


Chaudhary SV, Karnik ND, Sabnis GR, Patil MV, Bradoo RA.


J Assoc Physicians India. 2011 Feb;59:112-4.




1) Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) - Whose line is it anyway?

R. A. Bradoo, K. D. Shah, U. V.Warwantkar, A. A. Joshi.

 Bombay Hospital Journal, Vol. 54, No. 1, 2012.


2) Invasive aspergillosis of the temporal bone.

Renuka A Bradoo, Kshitij D Shah, Gayathri H,Mustafa A Kapadia.

Indian Journal of Otology, January 2012, Vol 18, Issue 1.




1) Factors Affecting the Outcome of Frontal Sinus Surgery: A Prospective Study.

R. A. Bradoo, K.D. Shah , A. A. Joshi.

Indian Journal of Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery, August 2013, Volume 65, Issue 2, pp 260-266.


2) The efficiency of titanium middle ear prosthesis in ossicular chain reconstruction: our experience.

Kshitij D. Shah, Renuka A. Bradoo, Anagha A. Joshi & Dr. Deepti Sapkale.

Indian Journal of Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery (Oct–Dec 2013) 65(4):298–301.








1)      Transcutaneous Endoscopic Orbital Surgery: A Less Morbid Alternative to Lateral Orbitotomy.

 Renuka Bradoo, Nayana Potdar, Anagha Joshi, Kshitij Shah, Rahul Modi, and Chhaya Shinde.

 The Orbit, 2015; 34(1): 1–5.


2)      Nasal Congestion: A Clinical Review of a Common Entity.

Shah K D, Lohiya T A, Moulik ND.

The Indian Practitioner, Vol.68, No.5, May 2015.


3)      Role of Allergic mucin in Allergic Fungal Rhinosinusitis.

 Tanvi Anoop Lohiya, Kshitij Dhaval Shah, Renuka Anil Bradoo.

 International Journal of Scientific Research, Volume : 4, Issue : 7,July 2015.


4)      A Penetrating Neck Foreign Body Presenting in the Airway: a Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenge.

Tanvi A Lohiya, Renuka A Bradoo, Kshitij D Shah.

 Bombay Hospital Journal, Vol.57, No. 3, 2015.


5)      Ancient Schwannoma of Cervical Sympathetic Chain - a rare entity.

Tanvi Anoop Lohiya, Kshitij Dhaval Shah, Ashutosh Vishwasrao Patil, Renuka Anil Bradoo.

 Odisha Journal of Otorhinolaryngology and HNS, Vol. - 9, Issue - II, July-Dec - 2015.


6)      Posterior Commissure Hypertrophy as Diagnostic and Prognostic Indicator for

Laryngopharyngeal Reflux.

 Joshi AA, Chiplunkar BG, Bradoo RA, Shah KD

 International Journal of Phonosurgery and Laryngology, July-December 2015;5(2):1-4


7)      Rhinosinusitis caused by Saksenaea erythrospora in an immunocompetent patient in India: a ?rst report

Uma Tendolkar, Anne van Diepeningen, Anagha Joshi, Jeroen Koomen, Renuka Bradoo, Sujata Baveja and Shailesh Agrawal

JMM Case Reports (2015)




1)      Respiratory illness - Editorial.

Kshitij Shah.

The Indian Practitioner, Vol.69, No.2, February 2016.