Facilities & Infrastructure

Undergraduate Students

·         Lecture Programme for MBBS Students

·         Undergraduate Teaching for  M.U.H.S. Batch

·         5 U.G. Lectures per week

·         Tutorial for II and III year MBBS Batches

·         Clinical Ward Posting

·         II and III year MBBS students are taught clinically - Medicine, Emergencies, Ward procedures during their ward postings

·         MEU activities for M.B.B.S. students


Postgraduate Activities


2.00 pm

Mortality Meet – All Units + MICU


2.00 pm

Journal Club - Unit wise
3rd Year Residents and Faculty


1.00 pm

Interesting Case Presentation - Unit Wise


2.00 pm to 3.00 pm

3rd Year Residents Case Presentation Unit Wise


1.00 pm

3rd Year Resident Case Presentation unit wise

PG Dissertation/ CPC Critical Care presentation (Residents & Faculty)


1.    Medical Intensive Care Unit (M.I.C.U.)

In-charge                            : Dr Trupti Trivedi / Dr N D Karnik

Total no of Admissions      : 900 per year


2.    Artificial Kidney Division (AKD)

In-charge                            : Dr N D Karnik / Dr Dhirendra Yadav

No of Haemodialysis           : 2797 per year

No of kidney biopsies       : 50/year

No of Plasmapheresis      : 90/year

Kidney Transplant             : Live donor – 2

      Cadaveric donor -2