CMEs / Workshops / Academic activities

CMEs Organised by the department of Physio–Therapy

·         CME on ‘Obesity’ in  October 2013

·         MUHS approved ‘Basic Research Methodology’ workshop in March 2014

·         Poster Exhibition on ‘World Physiotherapy Day ‘ in September 2014.

·         Poster Exhibition on World Physiotherapy Day in September 2014

·         MUHS approved  ‘Resident as Teachers’ in Feburary 2016

·         CME on ‘Hand Trauma Update : Management & Rehabilitation in collaboration with  

·         department of Plastic surgery & Occupational Therapy in March 2016.

·         Workshop on  “Neurodynamic Solutions” by Dr. Kiran Challagundala,Maitland Foundation For Sports & Manual Therapy of  Australia,from 21st -24th September 2016.

·         Geriatric screening & falls prevention programme at Dharavi on occasion of ‘World Geriatric Day ‘,1st October 2018.

·         Paediatric Neurology OPD activity for kids on occasion of ‘World Cerebral Palsy Day’ ,6th October 2018.

·         Obesity screening & camp for community at Lower Parel ground on occasion of ‘World Obesity Day ‘,14th October 2018




Academic Activities by the department of Physio–Therapy


Papers/ Presentations:

Prof. Rajashree Naik


·         A poster on “ Correlation between Forward Head Posture & Tempero- mandibular Joint Dysfunction’’ at the National conference of Indian Association of Physiotherapists at Jaipur in 1994


·         Represented GSMC in the international conferences in the field of CBR at Solo, Indonesia, in 1993  & Toronto, Canada in 1994  and presented papers related to “Community Based Rehabilitation in & around Mumbai’’


·         An invited lecture on “Management of Low Back Pain’’ at BBIAP meet  in 1997


·         A paper on “Pain in Elderly: A Diagnostic Dilemma, A Therapeutic Challenge” in the Joint international conference of BBIAP & PPG in Mumbai in 2000


·         A invited lecture on  Physiotherapy in Low Back Pain: On Overview’’  at BBIAP meet  in  2003


·         A poster on “ Role of O.S.C.E. in assessment of Undergraduate Physiotherapy Students” at the FAIMER fellowship program at GSMC-FAIMER Regional Centre, Mumbai in June 2012


·          A paper on “ Role of Physiotherapy in Forward head Posture” December 2012, at the Staff & research Society of LTMMC & LTMGH


·         Resource person for workshops on Educational Methodology at K.J. Somaiya College of Physiotherapy in 2015. A lecture on “ Microteaching’’ [ Recognised as Faculty/Resource person for Medical Education Technology Workshops by MUHS]


·         Resource person for workshops on Educational Methodology at Terna College of Physiotherapy in 2015. Lectures on “ Taxonomy of Education’’ and “ Domains of Learning’’


·         Convenor & Resource person for workshops on Educational Methodology at LTMMC in February 2016. A lecture on “ Microteaching’’


·         Resource person for workshops on Research Methodology at LTMMC in 2015-2016. 3 Lectures on “ Qualitative research’’


·         Member of the AITSC international team for research on trauma.



Dr. Pratibha Gaikwad


·         Given a Talk on "Physiotherapy managemant in Obesity" at CME held at LTMMC in   October 2014.


·         Presented Paper on A Long Term effects of Aerobic Training in patients with Chronic

              Obstructive Pulmonary Disease" presented at Bimonthly Scientific meeting of staff and

              Research society held at 12th August 2015



Dr. Vishakha Patil


·         Resource Person for : Hand Trauma Update : Management & Rehabilitation (collaboration of department of Plastic surgery,Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy), March 2016,LTMMC & GH, Mumbai.


·         16th Annual National Conference Of Association of Industrial Psychiatry Of India,November 2015,St.Regis,Mumbai.


·         Global Develoment Delay , ICR Homoeopathy Meet,December2015, LTMMC & GH, Mumbai.


·         MUHS approved - ‘Resident as Teachers’, Feburary 2016,LTMMC & GH, Mumbai.


·         MCI recognised Basic Course in medical education conducted by MET cell, March 2015,LTMMC


·         MUHS Research Methodology workshops conducted at LTMGH,Seth GSMC & Poddar college.


·         CME on  “Management Of Health Hazards In VDT Operators “ , at Central Labour Institute , Mumbai ,2011.


·         Oral Presentation of Faimer project at 7th National Conference On  Health Professions Education ,November 2015,  Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi


·         Presented “An overview Of Physiotherapy Rehabilitation after flexor tendon injury “.---Bimonthly Scientific ,Staff Research Society,LTMMC –August 2013I

 ·         Secured  the 1st Position in merit list of  MUHS PET-2016 (Phd entrance exam),16th October 2016.


 Dr. Esther Katarnawre


·         Resource person at LOOPS-2016 seminar in Dept of EXTC Engineering, Fr. CRIT, Vashi, Navi   Mumbai on 23/2/16, delivered talk on “overview of Electrotherapy in Physiotherapy- Therapeutic applications” for UG & PG engineering students.

·         Resource person at Hand Trauma Update- Spoke on Rehabilitation of Complex Hand Injuries on 19/3/16 at LTMGH in collaboration with Plastic Surgery, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy Dept.

·         Secured the 6th position in merit list of MUHS PET-2016 (Phd entrance exam),16th October 2016