Elder Abuse Awareness CME

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

On the occasion of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on 15th June, Dept. of Medicine and

Geriatric Services at LTMMC organized :

 CME on “Elder Abuse Awareness Program” on 15th June 2015 at 2.00pm with  support  from Dept. of Psychiatry.

Program  as follows:

Introduction and Video Presentation :     Dr. Sangeeta Pednekar

                                                                  Prof. Medicine and I/C  Geriatric  Services

What is Elder abuse and Management  :  Dr. Sagar  Karia , SMO, Psychiatry Dept.

Expert Comments :                                   Dr.Nilesh Shah, HOD Psychiatry.

Venue : Medicine Seminar Hall.


It was attended by 50 participants. Faculty from Paediatric,Community Medicine,Psychiatry and physiotherapy and PG students from dept. medicine  attended it.

Dr. Sangeeta Pednekar did welcome of Dean,Dr. Suleman Merchant Sir.and Dr. N.D. Moulick madam  and  other dignitaries.Dean Sir suggested for facility of support system in Bathroom of elder people to prevent falls which maximally occur there.

Dr. Sangeeta Pednekar  introduced the topic, and  presented Video on Elder Abuse for creating awareness.

Dr. Sagar Karia gave details regarding clinical features, types of elder abuse and its diagnosis.

DR. Nilesh Shah Sir presented his perceptions and shared his experiencing in diagnosing and managing cases of Elder Abuse.

His Idea of “School for Adults ‘was appreciated by all participants and can be incalcicated in our services for elders.

In the end Dr. Pednekar thank all the participant for active interest.

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Dr. Sangeeta  Pednekar
      Professor Medicine
      I/C Geriatric  Services

Dr. N. D. Moulick
      HOD Medicine