Acknowledgement Form Format

B. Acknowledgment Form Format

Project Title

  Please  type project title

For use of the SRS Office Staff & IEC HR only

Do not issue Acknowledgement till Title page has clearance.


( SRS ) Inward Dispatch No.                 IEC  Inward No.

 Received in SRS Office on    Date < YYYYMMDD>     at  Time <  hh: mm >


For Office Use only

        IEC NO
SRS Project Application Fee R. No.  Amount
DD / Cheque /Cash DD/ Cheque NoDate
Bank NameBranchAccepted by


Particulars         Details       Status / Sign
1File Location in Office  
2Data Entry Status  
3Project Status Register  
4Financial Status  Register  

Received acknowledgement slip

NameSignature with date
Reported to the IEC HR Secretary  

Cut Here and hand over to person submitting document    IEC No.


( SRS ) Inward Dispatch No.                 

Received in SRS Office on    Date < YYYYMMDD>     at  Time hh: mm >


( To be returned to applicant )

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Acknowledgement Form Format
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