Student Feedback


The context

            Here, we at LTMMC believe in learner autonomy and that is why it provides a greater role to the student community in the teaching-learning process. The institute feels that students can become more responsible and sincere and develop a sense of belonging to the organization if they are given a chance to directly participate in the process. It also feels that students’ response would help the institute in general and the teaching faculty particularly in understanding their requirements, keeping the courses and course contents up to the mark and also fulfilling their learning-teaching demands. Therefore, it has been using a feedback system to collect the students’ constructive reactions /suggestions on courses, course contents and handling of the courses.


Objectives of Feedback Practice

  • To provide greater role to students in the teaching- learning process through adult leaning.
  • To develop a sense of responsibility and belonging towards the institute among the students.
  • To build up critical evaluation skills.
  • To facilitate the teachers so as to modify and improve their teaching methodologies.
  • To provide a transparent communication channel between the students and the teacher


The Feedback Practice

            We assess the teacher of the concerned subject on important parameters such as classroom teaching, demonstration and hands on training. This is assessed on five point Likert’s scale. The 3600 feedback is obtained from students, peers, seniors and subordinates.

            Identity of each student who fills the feedback form is kept confidential/ anonymous. The students give their feedback for each teacher at the end of each term in that subject. Their suggestions/feedback/ comments are encouraged. The feedback of respected teacher is conveyed for future excellence in teaching-learning process.

Outcome of the Feedback Practice

  • The teacher explains important concepts/ ideas in ways that students can understand.
  • The teacher stimulates student’s interest in the respective subject and demonstrates enthusiasm while teaching the lecture/ procedure.
  • The teacher uses appropriate teaching methodologies to enhance the teaching-learning.
  • The teacher remains available for queries/ consultation as well as to encounter the difficulties faced by the students.


Impact of the Feedback Practice

            The feedback system had lead to continuous improvement in teaching-learning process. This has improved the quality of medical education at the institute level.