Research Protocol Application Format

Research Protocol  Application Format ( to be completed by applicant )
  1.  Abbreviated Project Title 

  i.  The content  must identical to the Title Page 

  2. Project Title   

  i.  The content  must identical to the Title Page

  3. Principal Investigator Name 

  i.  The content  must identical to the Title Page 
  ii. Designation and Department must be included 

  4. Co Investigator Name / Co Investigators Names 

  i.  The content  must identical to the Title Page 
  ii. Designation and Department must be included in addition 

  5. Introduction and Background of the proposed project 

  i.  Introduction 
  ii. Aims and Objectives of the Study 
  iii.Materials & Methods / Study Description
  a. Design Prospective / Retrospective  * 
  b. Place of the study 
  c. Proposed Duration of the Study 
  d. Sample size  
  e. Sampling Method 
  f.  Inclusion Criteria 
  g. Exclusion Criteria 
  h. Special subject recruitment procedures along with consent or   matter. (E.g. advertisement/letters to doctors/posters if any) 
  i.  Etc. 

  iv.Parameters to be Studied  

  a. At the initiation of the Study 
  b. Duration, Frequency of Follow up and  parameters to be   observed 

  v. Organisation of Work elements


Name  of the Milestone

Starting  DateExpected  Date of Completion ( Proposed )
Primary  end point
Secondary  end point

6. Work already done in the Field ( If any )
i.  Lacuna in subject knowledge ( if any )
ii. Proposed or expected outcome of the Project
a. Improvement in patient care
b. Attainment of more knowledge
c. Bridging the lacuna in knowledge
d. Any other ( please specify )

7. Bibliography ( for the material in the Research Project Application )
i. The bibliography of the Research Project Application must be In Vancouver style

8. Staff to be appointed on Contractual basis ( if applicable )
i.  Number of Staff
ii. Designation of Staff with duration of appointment
iii.Remuneration to Staff ( for complete project )
iv.Work expected / Job Description of appointed Staff as per category

9. Comments by Biostatistician

10. Proposed Expenditure
i.    Please submit in Tabular form
ii.   Proposed Budgetary cost
iii.  Remuneration to Staff to be included
iv.  Contribution to DDF of the Concerned Departments
v.   Please make provision and add TDS that is proposed be deducted by Sponsor
vi. 10 %  of the Total Project cost is to be added as Contribution to SRS*
•    * The Contribution to the SRS will be exclusive of TDS; if TDS is to be deducted please specify TDS separately and add to Project cost.

11. Referencesi.    Xerox copies of relevant articles for the proposed project to be attached

12. Names and Signatures of all  the  Investigators

13. Remarks and Signature of Head Concerned Departments

14. Signature of Dean  

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Research Protocol Application Format
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