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Activities in December 2016

The department celebrated its 25th anniversary year in 2016. The Silver Jubilee function was held on 24th December 2016. This department was established by Dr. S.S. Deshmukh (Ex V.C. Bombay University) in 1991, and developed by Dr. Sanjay Oak (V.C., Dr. D.Y. Patil University), Dr. Bharti K. Kulkarni and Dr. SantoshKarmarkar.
39 students have passed out from this department and located all over the world as consultants and teachers. All attended this function as alumni. The Pediatric Surgery faculty from all the municipal and government colleges in the state were also present for the function the along with Pediatric surgeons in private practice in Maharashtra along with the HOD’s of all the departments in LTMMC & GH.
The function was conducted in the main auditorium on the 3rd floor of college building and all the dignitaries were felicitated along with due respects to the nursing and paramedical staff. Many dignitaries gave interesting talks regarding the progress of the department in the past 25 years.
The following press note was released for the occasion:
“Amongst the major operations conducted by Paediatric Surgeonare :General Paediatric Surgery, Urology, Neonatal Surgery, Gastro intestinal surgery, Neurosurgery, Thoracic Surgery, Laparoscopic surgery, Endoscopy and Intersex surgery.
At the time of establishment of the department, we catered to  6755 OPD patients and 1035 IPD patients of which 497 were operated upon. In 2016 we catered to 8875 OPD patients, 2800 IPD patients and 2893 patients required surgery. 
Our department has done many research publications like “Anatomical repair of exstrophy bladder” (Published in Paediatric Surgery International journal in 2004), “Colour flow Doppler sonography reliable alternative to VCUG in children having VUR”:(Indian journal of surgery, 1997).,“Triple loop technique in exstrophy repair “ (Published in Journal of Urology in 1995), “Long term outcome in boys with PUVs with special regard to renal function and physical growth”:(Pediatric clinic of India, 1996).,”Urodynamic patterns in spina bifida- classification, comparisons and the need for international consensus”: (JIAPS,1998)., ”Intestinal atresia: an end-to-end linear anastomotic technique.(Paediatric Surgery International.” PSI 17(8) 2001: 661-63.), ”Single stage modified Duhamel’s procedure for Hirschprung’s disease” (Published in JIAPS IN 2012),”Tubularized Incised Plate Urethroplasty with De –Epithelized Flap (African Journal of Paediatric Surgery”,2008,Volume: 5 (1): 8-10).,”Closure of large meningomyelocele wound defects with subcutaneous based pedicle flap with bilateral V-Y advancement flap: our experience and review of literature” (European journal of Pediatric surgery. Dec 2013.).

The department is currently working on the following research projects. 
Study of 24 hour manometry and pH patterns in children undergoing esophageal replacement, Day care surgery without use of antibiotics, 
Long term analysis of bowel function in operated patients of anorectal malformation. 

Our work has appeared  in print and electronic media like “Separation of conjoined twins”( , “Closure of congenital complete sternal cleft”( , “Removal of 3.5 kg kidney tumor (Wilm’s tumor) from 5 year old child”( ,” Repair of genital anomaly-Diphalia in 2 year old child”(  Sat, 22 Aug 2015-08:05am , DNA), ”Large Anterior Meningomyelocele repair in 18 months old child”, “ 8 month girl operated for  rare anomaly of esophageal lung”,” Cloacalexstrophy repair in a 3 year old male child”, “ 1.5 kg retroperitoneal teratoma in a 27 day old neonate”, “Penile hair tourniquet in a 10 year old boy”, “2 year old boy misdiagnosed as TB cured of vascular tumor”,” 3 kg sacrococcygeal tumor operated in a 9 month old boy”(, “2.5 kg liver tumor removed from 15 month old child”,  “Removal of 1 meter trichobezoar from a 7 year old girl.”